David Meade says end of the world not to happen on April 23

Just hours before the alleged doomsday, David Meade – Christian numerologist who predicted April 23 as the end of the world – has said that end of the world not to happen on April 23.

Meade has for long said that Earth will cease to exist as we know it today due to its collision with an unknown planet called Nibiru. David has written quite a few books on Earth’s end and apocalypse and according to him it is written in the Bible in Revelation 12:1-2 that there will be a second coming of the Jesus Christ to take Christians to heavens while the Earth will get destroyed when a mythical planet will collide with it ending it as the rapture.

Meade has said that Earth will end between May and December 2018 and that the April 23 doomsday scenario is not going to happen. Meade has proposed Earth’s end for years with almost all predictions not becoming true. He has said time and again that a planetary alignment as said in the Revelation would trigger the rapture while the mythical planet will hurtle towards the Earth which will mark the onset of Tribulation which is a period of seven years of intense horror and beings suffering plague and much more. After the end of Tribulation, there will be a 1,000 year long period of peace and prosperity in the world.

But according to the recent claims made by Meade, the rapture has been postponed to a later date between May and December 2018. David has a rough history of predictions that turned out to be false such as his predictions made for December 2016, September 2017, October 2017, December 2017, and now April 2018.

After the prediction made by David aka conspiracy theorist started topping the trending charts of Google, researchers and astronomers around the world asserted that Nibiru is just a fictitious planet and much more. NASA released a statement a few years ago stating that after scanning through signals for any potential planet the size four-times greater than the Earth which is supposedly the size of Nibiru is NIL and there have been no observations and detection as of yet.

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