Has Adam Schiff Entered Trump’s Ordeal World as His Greatest Antagonist?

Adam Schiff

This post was last updated on January 12th, 2019 at 12:31 pm

Threats of getting sacked and denounced at the world stage are vowing to become a real problem for the President of the United States, Donald Trump, as the New chairman of the House intelligence committee enters Trump’s troubled world, playing his ‘greatest antagonist’.

California Congressman Adam Schiff, New Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has announced to launch a probe against the president’s business, his lenders, his partners in the US and abroad, and into Russia’s alleged role in the US mid-terms in 2016.

Not long after Robert Mueller was appointed a special counsel, Trump announced that it would be a violation for the investigation to touch his organization or his family. The president also showcased signs of firing Mueller, if he crossed the line.

However, the winds have completely changed with the appointment of Adam Schiff, who cannot be fired by Trump, even if he wishes to. Besides, with Democrats having taken over the house, the plans are ramping up to erode out the corruption inside Trump administration, investigate attempts to profit from the presidency, and to review policies such as family border separations.

“First and foremost, I would say that we need to get to the bottom of anything that could warp our national security policy in a way that is antithetical to the interest of the country,” Schiff told the Lawfare podcast. He added, “So anything that has a continuing ability to influence the actions of the president, we need to know, as policymakers, to protect the country.

“One of the issues that has continued to concern me are the persistent allegations that the Trumps, when they couldn’t get money from US banks, were laundering Russian money. If that is true, that would be more powerful compromise than any salacious video tape or any aborted Trump tower deal.”

Adam Schiff plans to begin his inquest by looking into Trump’s organization’s ties with Deutsche Bank, which reportedly served as president’s exclusive lender and was fined $700m in 2017, for allowing money laundering.

The new chairman of the house has a really big responsibility up his sleeve as he not only takes up the role against the most powerful man in the world, but also tries to rebuild the committees’ publicly stained image spoiled under, Devin Nunes, a Trump confidant.

Adam Schiff said, “I think ultimately it will fall on Congress to make sure that the American people will get to hear the full story.” Adding, “Either through our own investigation or Bob Mueller’s or a combination of both.”

Putting up the fearless front, despite publicly lying about achievements, Trump’s ability to lie with conviction has been really remarkable in his 2 years of presidency. Beginning with bashing the demands of every American citizen, to calling the Mueller’s investigation a witch hunt, his policy of making ‘America great again’ is no less than a jeopardy, especially after what has transpired in the last 3 months. However, with Schiff in place now, a certain shift in stride can certainly be seen as coming.


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