Majority of Americans in Favor of Transgender People Serving in Military

Transgender people US forces

In a recent poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos, majority of Americans feel that transgender people should be allowed to serve in the US forces. This comes after Trump and his administration ruled against transgender service.

The poll revealed almost 60 percent people believe transgender people should be allowed to rule, 24 percent said they do not want to see transgender people serving.

In addition to the 60 percent, 67 percent feel that transgender troops should be entitled to medical cover, including transition, while in the army.

In late January, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of Trump. The policy of barring transgender people from the military was enforced, much to the dismay of many current transgender troops’ members.

The policy has been delayed by legal wrangling and hard work by the Democrats. Trump’s aim is to reverse President Obama’s policy. This policy allowed transgender people to serve in the army and made them eligible for medical care. Trump’s policy is to ban transgender people with gender dysphoria or stress, due to gender identity issues and internal conflicts.

The poll was clearly split by political lines.  79 percent Democrats are in favor of transgender service while 38 percent Republicans disagree.

Amy Sergeant First Class Kai Landeros, who is a transgender, has been serving in the US army since 2005 and has also been deployed to Iraq twice. He knows he is as capable and competent as any other male or female person in the army and feels Trump’s policy is unfair, biased and prejudiced.

The policy has been called discriminatory by the Democrats. Republicans have replied saying the policy is not a ban on transgender people serving, rather on people with gender dysphoria serving.

Many say it will cost the country more in healthcare to treat transgender people, outside of the army. Within the army, everyone has discipline, structure, routine and support. For transgender people who suddenly cannot serve, especially when they love what they are doing, would cost the country more in stress and mental healthcare, as well as in unemployment.

The Federal courts have blocked the Trump administration’s policy on transgender army members, calling it unconstitutional. The administration has asked the Supreme Court to intervene.

Over 8000 people were included in the poll, covering a wide selection of the population.  IPSOS polls are considered to be accurate and a true reflection of what people think.


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