Andrew Wheeler as the New Administrator May Put EPA in Hot Water

Andrew Wheeler

This post was last updated on February 25th, 2019 at 10:55 am

Andrew Wheeler, the newly elected administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has become the latest problem for the people of America. With his Trump-like thinking depleting the environment standards rather than protecting them, Andrew may soon become a threat for the agency.

Mercury is released from combustion of coal and it enters the atmosphere from the smokestacks of coal-fired power plants. It then rains down on land and water and enters the food as methylmercury.

Notably, even the federal government warns against consuming certain seafood because even the minutest presence of mercury is harmful enough to cause serious health problems, such as, harm the immune system brain, kidneys, lungs and even the heart.

The habitats we grow up in are one of the major factors that affect our lives. Every activity that harms our health is a serious problem and it , must have a solution to safeguard not only the people, but also the environment.
Therefore, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), after looking into the matter for two-long decades, derived standards to ensure that power plants filtered mercury before their emissions into the environment.

The standards were widely accepted and power plants were outfitted with a technology known as scrubbers. This removes mercury from emitting out in the open air. Since, the rule’s implementation in 2012, it has been immensely successful. Electric companies now cut mercury emissions by up to 90 percent, according to the Edison Electric Institute, an industry group.

So, why is Wheeler against the people of America? Is his definition of climate change also as vague as the President of the United States, Donald Trump?

As a fact, we do not know where his values have come from, but it can certainly be derived that his latest designation came out of Trump’s personal interest. A former coal lobbyist, Andrew Wheeler, recently proposed plans to rethink on the lines government evaluates the cost and benefits of regulating mercury emissions, and more importantly, air pollution.

Besides, the proposed plan does not seek to modify the rule, but rather revokes EPA’s rationality that it was “appropriate and necessary,”, insulting the basis upon which it was established.

The issue over the mercury rule has stiffened and Wheeler now debates that Obama’s administration was wrong to include “co-benefits” “that would result from the rule. The co-benefits imply the extra advantages of applying the scrubbers, which apart from filtering out mercury, also filter out other suspended particulates from the air.

Reduction in particulates solely account for saving 11,000 premature deaths a year, but Andrew Wheeler allegedly does not think that it’s worth it.

President’s agenda is profoundly illogically as always, and the new administrator has been thinking along the same lines. From demanding to upend the mercury regulations to cars, carbon emission from plants, coal ash and much more,. Wheeler wants everything to change inside-out.

Ironically, for this destructiveness, Mr. Trump praised him in November, saying he had ” done a fantastic job and I want to congratulate him.”

Andrew Wheeler is certainly not the right person to take America in the right direction, but hasn’t it always been this way with Trump pledging to ‘make America great again’?


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