Attorney John Durham to Investigate Russian Probe Reviewed by William Barr

Russian Probe

Following the Mueller report that was based on insufficient evidences and failed to bring any proper conclusions on Russian interference during 2016 presidential elections, the Justice Department has reportedly opened a criminal investigation into its own Russian probe.

The aim was to get to know the truth behind the entire investigation and how did the allegations of entire Russian interference and Trump’s alleged collusion with Russians came into existence. Robert Mueller closed the official Russian probe months ago and the details were reviewed by Attorney General William Barr.

With continued allegations against the President, Barr tasked the Attorney for the District of Connecticut John H. Durham, who is also known as a veteran prosecutor, with the duty of overseeing a review of the origins of the Russia investigation and to determine if intelligence collection involving Trump campaign was “lawful and appropriate”.  

Shifting the administrative review to a criminal inquiry indicates towards the fact that Barr wants to avoid the allegations from his name. The Democrats have often claimed that Barr is promoting the President for the 2020 elections, instead of being impartial as attorney general. They even considered the Justice Department’s move as a misuse to political funds.

Durham would be in authority to reveal the truths in Russian probe and will subpoena witness testimony and investigate government documents. He would also be responsible to put together a grand jury and to file charges.

The very existence of opening a criminal inquiry reflects the fact that a crime has taken place but what specific crime would be the subject of the investigation in still unclear. More than 24 former and current FBI and intelligence officials have been questioned by Durham and his team. The aim has largely been to get to the root of the Russian probe.

The prosecutor even showed his interest to speak with the former CIA officials, who have reportedly hired criminal lawyers in preparation for their questioning.

Recalling the past, it appears that the accusations of Russian interference during 2016 presidential elections was first brought in by the former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Clinton accused one of her challenger Jill Ellen Stein, who was a presidential nominee from the Green Party, for leveling up with the help of Russians.

Clinton even raised threats of Russian interference ahead of the 2020 elections, saying that a Democratic presidential candidate was being supported by Russians for their own interests.

It appears that the focus of Russian allegations has often shifted from a minor party to a major party and 2016 presidential elections is a big example.

Thus, with the help of new Russian probe, Durham and his team aim to clarify whether only bias against the now-president drove the intelligence community’s investigations into the campaign’s potential ties to Russia or whether there really was an intrusion by the Russians. Since Mueller failed to prove a thing in his report and years of investigations.


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