Olivia Anstey Olivia Anstey

    Olivia believes writing is the best form of communication and is the basis for human survival. She presents a wider picture of each and every political aspect and believes the truth must be spoken! She has additionally spent most of her time consulting federal employees based on her experience in the department, which she now uses while writing for Ask The Truth.
    obamacare policy

    Is Trump’s ‘Religious’ Diplomacy too Naive to Defeat Obamacare Policy?

    Religious and moral objectives have been used by the Republicans. This especially started happening ...

    FBI Headquaters

    President Trump, FBI Headquarters and the Conflict of Interest

    The Democrats’ campaign to investigate President Trump in the case concerning alleged interference by ...

    Alzheimer’s disease

    Put money into Alzheimer’s research, Dem Sen. Ed Markey insists

    Alzheimer’s disease needs a lot more research before a cure is found. And while ...