Benjamin Netanyahu Considers Snap Leadership Vote in Likud Party

likud party

The two continuous deadlocked general elections this year have weakened the Israeli politics. Considering the impacts and the consequences of the failure, a spokesman for Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday, said that the Prime Minister has weighed an idea to include a snap leadership vote in his Likud party.

A snap election is an election that is called earlier than the one that has been scheduled and differs from a recall election. This election would definitely bring a new twist in the Israeli politics, which is largely dominated by Zionist parties – a nationalist movement of the Jewish people.

As known, Knesset, which is a unicameral national legislature of Israel, plays an important role in the Israeli government. Passing laws, electing the President and Prime Minister, approving the cabinet and supervising the government’s work are some of Knesset’s important works. Though it was temporarily dissolved on May 30, it returned on October 3, following the swearing in of new members.

On Thursday, Israel’s 22nd Knesset was being sworn in during a ceremony and with the prospect of a third election in under a year. The failed coalition talks amid the political deadlock have poorly afflicted the Israeli politics.

Hours before the ceremony, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Yisrael Beytenu chief Avigdor Liberman to discuss the latter’s proposal for a unity government.

Since the predictions as to which party would bring majority largely remains unclear, Netanyahu has been wanting to use the leadership vote as an opportunity to win a new mandate from his party. His failure to secure a majority in the parliament during the national elections that took place in April, left him politically weakened.

Moreover, September’s elections also failed to conclude a governing majority in parliament. The equal match of both Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud and Benny Gantz’s Blue and White parties in the election results, led to more complications for the Israeli prime minister, whose power-sharing deal with his strongest political rival Gantz now seems to be at distant.

It appears that with his idea of snap leadership vote, Benjamin Netanyahu wants “to shatter the illusion of a Likud rebellion” against him by achieving victory. Well the ones favoring the longest serving leader have swiftly voiced their support for the leadership voting.

Looking at the challenges faced by Israelis, be it in the form of security or corruption, it is clear that the presence of a national unity government would do wonders. If not resolved timely, the internal political crisis might also affect Israel’s relations with the other nations.


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