‘I Vow to Fight all Forms of Racism’, Says Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders has been put on the spotlight for his desire to run for presidency in the upcoming presidential race in the country. He is not new to this path as he was actively involved in the electoral process back in 2016.

In a televised CNN town hall meeting held on Monday night, Sanders sought to put criticism to rest, saying his focus is on class comes at the cost of fighting racism.

He has promised to do everything within his power to put an end to racism.

The town hall meeting gave Bernie Sanders an opportunity to reprise longstanding campaign trail of fighting income inequality, upholding ‘MediCare for All’, enforcing universal preschool and mandating pharmaceutical firms to give discounts on drugs.

He calls for the transformation of the United States energy system in order to reduce the effects of climate change and to put in more money into ambitious plans that will expand the welfare situation by taxing large corporations like Amazon. This thought was met with warm applause from the audience. It sounded like a great news to the relief of many of his listeners in the hall.

For most of the period in the hall, Bernie Sanders felt relaxed, especially when cheering the audience with jokes and laughs. He jokingly told the audience that a lie detector will be made available by him during his debate with Donald Trump.

He said he’ll put his heart forward for anyone who eventually emerges as the Democratic presidential nominee, “regardless” of who it would be.

He has also promised to release his tax returns for the past ten years. How soon that would be is something he didn’t mention but in his word, “soon”.

His attention was drawn by Noel Isama, a public policy analyst who was present in the audience, what he would do address people’s “deep sense of distrust” of him from the African-American community.

Isama said that some African-Americans think Bernie Sanders didn’t do much to support Hilary Clinton in 2016, a thing that contributed to Donald Trump’s victory in the polls. He pointed out that some people feel Sanders is at times racially insensitive.

In response, Sanders noted that he held more than 35 campaign rallies on behalf of Clinton, while adding that he enjoyed a huge support from African-Americans during the primaries in 2016. He also claimed that he currently enjoys “high popularity among black voters.”

Bernie Sanders identified racial disparities as a part of the American life that cannot be explained.

Stressing further, Sanders conceded: “I talk about the fact that we have a nation of massive inequality ― and I believe that. I think that’s the most important issue we can talk about. But within that inequality, we have another inequality, and that is racial disparity.”

While enumerating the various ways in which racial disparities persisted in the US and at all levels including wealth disparity between black and white households, difficulties faced by black business people, black women’s higher infant mortality rate, Bernie Sanders said, “I will work as hard as I can, No. 1, to have a Cabinet that reflects what America is, and No. 2, to do everything that I can in every way to end all forms of racism in this country.”

Asked if whether he supported reparations for the descendants of black slaves in the United States, Sanders who didn’t address the question directly said, “We’re going to do everything we can to put resources into distressed communities and improve lives for those people who have been hurt from the legacy of slavery.”

In less than a week into his presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders has made efforts to reverse his lack of support among African-American community in 2016, especially those older than 30 years.


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