Biden’s Bid for Presidency: Education at Epitome Without Financial Repercussions

joe biden

Education in the US elections has been the foremost agenda for winning the candidacy or even the presidency. Democratic front-runner Joe Biden, presented his bid at an American Federation of Teachers, last month, and fair to say his education agenda for 2020 presidential election offers more insights than his rivals.

In his speech, Biden promised to triple federal spending on districts with vast number of low-income students, to double the number of psychologists and health professionals in schools, to raise the teacher’s pay and to provide universal pre-K for 3-and 4-year olds.

Biden’s education plans also endorsed an array of race-based policies, and presented other horses for courses plans such as teacher diversity, and the need for affirmative action in college admissions. Besides, focusing to “defeat” the National Rifle Association, his speech was certainly impressive or lest to say with a Midas touch.

Contrarily, his plan still missed out on niche such as school accountability, charter schooling, or teacher evaluation. The exclusion implied that Biden skipped on some key pointers of the Obama-Biden driven approach.

“Biden’s education plan represents the kind of muscular investment we urgently need to meet the needs of America’s kids, their families and their educators,” AFT president Randi Weingarten said.

How Important is Education for the Presidency Bid?

Sketching out the most centrist candidate in the Democratic field certainly isn’t an easy task. Not so surprisingly, Joe Biden’s speech serves as a measured approach on areas he surely sees that his nation needs to work on, comparatively better than his rival offerings – Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sander, and Kamala Harris. They have all offered their strategies, laying out the increasing spending on education as a way ahead. The reports, however, indicate that spending millions doesn’t necessarily always assure success.

It is clear that any democratic candidate at this time would give prime importance to education. But who amongst the contenders has a subtle way of approaching their job, is something that demands everyone to put on their thinking hats for.

Contrarily, commenting on Republican’s gauge of judgement, some might still not see the topic of education as of that importance. The case is especially because President Donald Trump largely sidelined education in 2016.

However, post taking the office even the President found himself entangled with his administration unabashedly invoking school choice, seeking to cut education spending, and reduce the federal involvement.

The administration’s intentions, thus, clears out all the lingering doubts about the road to become President in 2020, stating out just how important the education in this run up is.

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