Blood Bathed Yemen: Should France’s Involvement Ruffle Feathers?

Blood Bathed Yemen: Should France’s Involvement Ruffle Feathers? Saudi Arabia

This post was last updated on September 12th, 2019 at 01:30 pm

In dire conditions where humanity begs to live another day, Saudi-led coalition warplanes once again struck Yemeni Capital, Sana’a, on Thursday. As per the initial findings, U.N. Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen Lise Grande, five children died, while 16 more were wounded in the strike.

“We have begun to launch air strikes targeting sites operated by the Houthi militia, including in Sana’a,” a coalition official, who declined to be identified, told AFP. However, the strike once again went off-guard and claimed innocent lives.

Recently, seen departing from French waters, a Saudi cargo ship sailed without picking up the French arms. The move looked like a victory for humanity in Yemen, but it would only be too naive to believe, without even overlooking France’s involvement in the scenario.

The Saudi-UAE led coalition ever since invasion has killed thousands, while displacing millions. The extent of pandemonium in Yemen is immeasurable, with markets, hospitals, schools and even school buses filled with children being attacked. The explanation given by the Gulf alliance still bills as only attacking the Houthi rebels.

As Yemeni’s go to sleep without assurance of waking up the next day, it is some of the major Western and European nations who inject the fuel for war crimes to happen. Insisting on the sale of arms to Saudi, the French government’s ability to rationalize has also been questioned big time now.

It is clear that France supplies weapons to the Kingdom. Thus, looking at the movement of Saudi cargo, it cannot be inferred that the nation would halt its supply any time soon. So, what is France’s exact stand, hangs in the balance.

France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, in his recently concluded interview about weaponry supply gave justifications on his nations involvement, good enough to judge where France actually stands.

First, the French government claims that the war commenced only after Houthi militias started a coup to overthrow the government. Therefore, its supply is for a cause, which is to fight the militias and defend the Yemeni government. Fair enough that the government is supporting the coalition to fight terrorism. But, if the Gulf alliance would have only hit the right targets, there would have not been so much outrage to halt the weapon supply.

Besides, revenue to any economy is also the major boost, and weapon supply just brings in a lot of it. As seen in the case of America, President Donald Trump has already stated clearly that he won’t withdraw its support for arms, as Saudi’s generate a lot of jobs in his nation. Though French government has not blatantly given the same reason, but it still beats around the same bush.

According to the claims made by France, the arms sold are pursuant to old contracts. The definition means that the deal signed by the nation with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s regime dates before the war commenced in Yemen. However, as Disclose revealed, the most recent contract was signed in December 2018. In the event of which, it can be alleged that France’s economy is well dependent upon the revenue generated from ammunition’s sales.

The point here is, while France bills selling arms as a defensive move, but there is no proof that weapons are not actually used to spread the chaos. As per Reuters, French-made tanks and howitzer canons used in Yemen war have potentially affected 436,370 lives.

For French President Emmanuel Macron, his image has become the side of the coin that represents menace, carnage, and annihilation. Though Macron’s stance with the Gulf alliance is not completely shunned here, but how is civilian killing justified, continues to draw a parallel. Also, with the disregard for law, if humanity continues to suffer, France’s name in Yemen’s bloodbath should raise a lot of questions.

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