A Big Blunder as Donald Trump Colors the Star-Spangled Banner Incorrectly

    donald trump

    Always in the limelight for some reason or the other, the US President Donald Trump is spilled all over the social media yet again. However, this time he has been mocked for making a blunder. During his visit to a children’s hospital in Ohio, the President colored the American flag incorrectly.

    Trump joined the young children in Columbus to color a template of the Star-Spangled Banner, where he was photographed filling in wrong colors. He added a blue stripe to the flag, instead of correctly filling the 13 alternating red and white stripes.

    The President is seen to have coloured one of the stripes using a blue felt-tip pen erroneously, in the pictures posted by the secretary of state for health and human services, Alex Azaron, on Twitter.

    The picture was noticed by a teacher, who wrote on Twitter, “The President has colored his flag wrong. That is all.”

    Holly Figueroa O’Reilly, activist and songwriter, wrote, “American flag’s stripes are red and white. Trump should know this, considering the fit he throws when someone kneels at a football game, ‘disrespecting the flag’.”

    Twitter users speculated whether the blue stripe was a simple mistake or a deliberate act.

    One wrote, “”That moron needs to go back to school.”

    Another said, “His coloring is at Nursery School level though. Along with his civics knowledge.”

    Another tweeted, “Cmon it’s not that easy as having a reminder attached to your clothing…. Oh. Didn’t spot the lapel pin.”

    However, several people leapt to the defence of Trump.

    One user tweeted, “You’re hilarious if you don’t think the president knows what a flag looks like. HES COLORING!!!!!! with children. If it was a horse and he colored it pink would people be upset he colored a horse not a REAL horse color???”

    While another wrote, “Maybe some kid asked him if a Flag could be other colors, then he proceeded to show them that life can be anything you want it to be. Then colored the flag another color to show them. Not everything is that deep. It’s just a coloring page for kids in an elementary class.”

    Trump was with First Lady Melania on a visit aimed at figuring out a way to tackle the crisis of opioid addiction. Last year, he had declared use of opioids in America a national public health emergency, calling it “the worst drug crisis in American history”.

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