Boeing Grounds Entire 737 Max Planes Following New Evidence in Airline Crash

airline crash

Ensuing the revelation of new corroboration in the aviation form of the airline crash that occurred on Sunday, annihilating all of the 157 people aboard, the whole fleet of 737 Max planes has been grounded by Boeing.

Analysts surveying the flight data of the plane, established notable resemblances between the ill-fated plane and the tragic Lion Air crash in Indonesia last year.

Dan Elwell, interim manager at the US Federal Aviation Authority, stated on Wednesday, “It became clear to all parties that the track of the Ethiopian Airlines [flight] was very close and behaved very similarly to the Lion Air flight and the evidence we found on the ground made it even more likely the flight path was very close to Lion Air’s.” He also stated that both the airlines crashed soon after their takeoff.

Mentioning an unknown person, who inspected transmission from Sunday’s flight, The Times stated that air traffic auditors knew the plane was in threat even before the pilot radioed that he ought to turn the plane around within couple of minutes of takeoff.

Air traffic surveyors at Addis Ababa’s Bole International Airport got the call from pilot, Yared Getachew, as the plane’s speed escalated incomprehensibly. The plane started to fluctuate up and down by hundreds of feet.

The examiners are eyeing on these two events. 

As per The Times, the person who evaluated the transmissions said the pilot had reported a “flight control” issue in a poised manner within a minute of flight’s retiral. At that point, radar revealed the aircraft’s altitude as way below the minimum safe height from the ground during the ascent.

The controllers, “started wondering out loud what the flight was doing”, as claimed by the mediaThe plane then sped up surprisingly further and the airline crash occurred within a few minutes.

Following the advice of other international aviation managers – disappointed by the second crash involving a 737 max within five months, Donald Trump announced that the aircrafts would be prohibited in the US. Other countries along with Britain have already grounded the aircraft.

However, Boeing has stated that it “continues to have full confidence in the safety of the 737 Max and out of abundance of caution and in order to reassure the flying public of the aircraft’s safety” has prohibited the planes.

Two black boxes recovered from the airline crash in Ethiopia, are being taken to Paris for inspection. France’s air mishap inquiry agency BEA will scan black box flight recorders, as stated by a spokesman.

As per the specialists, the subject matter of the flight information recorder and cockpit voice recorder, which will be inspected in France, will provide important facts of why the airline crash occurred. 


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