CIA Informant Brings Relevance over 2016 Russian Interference

CIA Informant

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has successfully brought relevance in the Russian interference that took place amid the 2016 presidential elections in the country. The series of accusations and allegations that went on for a long time, attracting criticism against the government was finally cleared to some extent through the CIA informant’s arguments.

The confrontation of the truth from the recruited Russian agent, who rapidly advanced in the Russian governmental ranks, landing an influential position with access to the highest level of Kremlin, played an important role in CIA’s investigation.

After being pulled from Russia in 2017, the agent brought relevance that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered Moscow’s meddling in the 2016 elections.

Though the CIA informant was not under Putin’s circle, yet he was aware of the high level decisions made by the Russian government. The information on the agent’s identity was a complete secret. The CIA used separate sealed envelopes to transmit information and progress related to the agent’s mission.

When the CIA informant rejected an offer of exfiltration from the agency in 2016, the officials became suspicious that the former might have become a double agent. Thus, they ordered for a full review of the source’s record and on a later note the things went well and the concerns were alleviated.

However, post 2016 elections, there were a lot of allegations against the Trump-led government. Furthermore, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report added fuel to the fire as it suspected the President to have committed various crimes including the obstruction of justice. The opposition accused President Trump to be solely responsible for allowing the Russian interference, though none of the crimes were proven.

Since the CIA informant interacted regularly with the Russian president, it became difficult for the CIA officials to pull him out of the entire scenario. Moreover, Trump’s strict handling of intelligence and former intelligence officials made the situations difficult.

A recent report suggested that there have been no public evidences that President Trump imperiled the source, however the officials remained alert throughout the media scrutiny, pulling the CIA informant out of Russia in parts.


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