Defense Officials Discard Report Focusing No Progress in Afghanistan War

Afghanistan War

As the documents disclosing the US officials’ lying about the progress in the Afghanistan war circulated, many of the political leaders and citizens in the country called for bringing the truth to light.

The top Defense Department officials paid no heed to the revelations, followed by citizens’ outrage. Their unconcerned behavior brings into notice that the documents might not change the administration’s approach to the long-running conflict in Afghanistan.

The 18-year-old Afghanistan war is widely recognized by citizens of both the countries and the US has played an important role in it. Since, both the countries have a strong and friendly strategic partnership, the controversial revelations have messed up the situations.

The documents revealing fake claims of the US’ progress in the Afghanistan war were released in the same week the House Judiciary Committee readied and then advanced two articles of impeachment against President Trump.

However, the Defense officials have largely neglected the Afghanistan war progress reports when speaking to lawmakers and the media.

During a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Wednesday, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said, “I haven’t read all the stories frankly… but the stories spanned multiple administrations, multiple uniformed and civilian officials and I think it’s good to look back. I think at this point where I’m looking is forward.”

When asked about the assurances to be given in the context of true progress, top Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said that he would “quibble with the idea that we weren’t providing it in the past”. Moreover, former Defense Secretary James Mattis also supported the idea, defending the US’ efforts to rebuild the war-torn country.

Recalling the Afghanis sufferings amid the war-crisis, Mattis added, “The Taliban’s goal is to take over this country and they’ve been stopped in that at great cost to the Afghan people, at great cost to the Afghan army.”

But the question at large is are all the private interviews conducted by government watchdog revealed in the documents fake? Since the report shows that the defense officials in the Bush and Obama administrations lied about progress and misuse of funds in the Afghanistan war, the truth and acceptance somewhere is still lacking.

The critics have claimed that the former governments have largely failed in prioritizing Afghanistan war and promoting a proper strategy to mitigate the crisis. While the defense officials’ negligence over the report has further left it unacknowledged on a mass basis.

One of the major reasons of the rejection is the growing calls of impeachment proceedings against the president that has put more pressure on the government as of now. In the wake of the reports the Trump administration might try to negotiate a settlement with Taliban to finally end the Afghanistan war from its roots as a protective measure ahead of 2020 elections.


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