Defiant Caravans’ Approach To The United States Of America

Caravan Migrants

Caravan migrants from the Central America painstakingly trekked their way towards the south-western border during the week, a move that leaves the world captivated and President Donald Trump and other politicians enraged.

The current group of migrants appeared to be one of the largest ever recorded. Two of such Caravan Migrants drew about 350 migrants each, Some the migrants made their way into the United States where they have since applied for asylum, others had a stop at Mexico to seek protection while the rest of the pack dropped off along the way.

This recent event revealed that more than 7,000 Central American migrants have been enroute to the United States of America for over a week, in defiance of the Mexican and American governments

The Advocacy Director for Kino Border Initiative, Joanna Williams, who works with migrants, “It’s not true that everyone wants to end up in the U.S. Many people in that caravan will seek asylum in Mexico.”

Mexican officials have revealed that caravan migrants do not have legal obligation to seek asylum in Mexico and so, many hundreds and thousands of migrants are very likely to show up at the United States to request for protection in the form of asylum.

Recent reports revealed that “Crowds of Caravan Migrants often make the journey over land together in large numbers to protect themselves against drug traffickers, muggers and rapists who stalk the trail. The largest caravans tend to take place during the Easter season,

“The last Easter caravan to reach the United States departed Central America in April. At its peak, it numbered about 1,500 people, according to Alex Mensing, project coordinator with Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the transnational group that organized it,

“By the time it reached San Diego in early May, the group had dwindled to fewer than one-third of its original size. Many of those who sought asylum in the United States were parents and children who were separated under the zero-tolerance policy that criminally prosecuted illegal entrants.”

A trial lawyer at the Federal Defenders of San Diego, Mr. Fish, “It was shocking to me that they were being prosecuted when they were coming here to seek protection from horrific violence,”

Eric Fish said that they were typically mothers, children and young men who had fled violence in their home countries at the hands of gangs or intimate partners.

403 of the caravans participated in “credible fear” interviews after being referred by the United States Authorities. This they say is the first step toward the application for asylum in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security has said. More than 90% of those who took the test actually pass it.

Quite a number of people have a strong chance of winning asylum including a transgender who is in her 20s. Her own case is built on gender identity. After months in detention, she passed her credible fear interview and was released in August.

Ms. Vincent, a lawyer whose organization represents quite a number of caravan members, said the “United States had resorted to punitive policies, rather than finding solutions to endemic problems, in its attempt to stanch Central American migration,

“Short-term immigration policies that attempt to address this problem by detaining people or criminalizing asylum seekers don’t go to the root of problem,” she said. “This is just going to keep happening until the U.S. addresses the problems that it contributed to creating.”

Winning Asylum in the United States and having the right to live permanently is a difficult feat to achieve as only about 20% of those who seek asylum win their cases which can take years to get through the immigration courts. Many of them are released from detention, especially families, because it is illegal to detain children for more than 20 days.


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