Democratic Debate Highlights Concerns of Troops Safety in Middle East

Democratic debate

In the wake of the ongoing tensions surrounding the US troops’ presence in the Middle East, the Democrats took a stance, voicing their causes and concerns during Tuesday’s Democratic debate.  

While, the entire issue of deployment and withdrawal of the troops in and from the Middle Eastern countries, has been the sole responsibility of the government, it has now become a heated topic of Democratic debate.

Amid the rising tensions with Iran, six candidates for the Democratic debate were pressed during the Iowa caucuses debates for their qualifications to be a commander in chief. The present situations with Iran have led to a war-like situation in the Gulf, sheltering thousands of US troops.

Though the Democratic clash was focused upon whether or not to keep the US troops in Mideast, the critics believe that such a move would help the Democrats in gathering supporters from every state, ahead of the presidential elections.

Some of the Democratic hopefuls i.e. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Amy Klobuchar favored the troops deployment in the Middle East, while other candidates called for troops withdrawal. As known, some of the Iraqi extremists favoring Iran’s decision have carried out abuses in the country, to harm the US troops.

As of now, the extremists have killed dozens of their own citizens, which raises major questions over the safety of the US troops. The US’ killing of the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad, brought both the US and Iran on the brink of war, with Iraqi extremists putting up a complimentary fight for the cause of Iran.

Recently, the Iraqi Parliament passed a nonbinding resolution calling for the US troops to withdraw, while the outgoing Iraqi Prime Minister asked State Secretary Mike Pompeo to prepare a plan for the same. It appears that Iraq has all forgotten about its fight against the ISIS, and the US’ help in achieving its objective.

Tens of thousands of US troops have been deployed throughout the Middle Eastern countries to fight against the ISIS, while maintaining peace. To deter Iran’s ambitions and its influence over the other countries in the region, is another big reason behind the deployment of the troops, despite various withdrawal calls.  

Another Democratic hopeful Elizabeth Warren stood against the decision of keeping the troops in the war-struck zone during the Democratic debate, saying,

“We should stop asking our military to solve problems that cannot be solved militarily. Our keeping combat troops there is not helping.”

The efforts to end the war- like situations appears to be far away, with the US lacking behind in taking some appropriate decisions. Bernie Sanders during the Democratic debate said that the Americans are “sick and tired of endless wars, which have cost us trillions of dollars.”

“In America today, our infrastructure is crumbling, half of our people are living paycheck-to-paycheck, 87 million people have no health care or are underinsured, we have 500,000 people sleeping out on the streets tonight,” he said.

He also said he would “rebuild” the United Nations and the State Department to resolve international conflicts diplomatically.

Likewise, other Democrats such as Pete Buttigieg also favored the cause of removing an endless commitment of ground troops in the Middle East, while at the same time remaining engaged in the region.

The lack of proper strategy appears to be another major reason behind the unending tensions. But what has been apparent is that it’s not the first time the US leaders have called for troops’ withdrawal from the region.

If this remains the case, then for how long will the ongoing US-Iran feud continue? If the US troops are removed from the Middle East regions, all the accomplishments and strategies of the US would then stand nowhere. The continued tactical questions thereby became the base of the ongoing Democratic debate between the hopefuls.


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