Democratic Hopeful Cory Booker Helps Asylum Seekers Cross Border

Asylum Seekers

Disturbed by the poor conditions of the migrant detention centers at the border, Democratic hopeful Cory Booker travelled from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico to El Paso, Texas on Wednesday, escorting five female asylum seekers. These women were crossing the US southern border in order to flee from domestic violence.

One of the major reasons for the worsening conditions at the detention camps has been attributed to the increased number of illegal immigrants. With rising numbers come huge responsibilities, and increased needs for resources. The shortages have led to dire consequences, leading to death of immigrant children.

An email from Booker’s campaign describing his reaction over the asylum seekers crossing the border read, “Cory observed the crossing, their interactions with federal immigration authorities, and the disastrous impact of President Trump’s cruel immigration policy as the migrants attempted to avoid the so-called Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) implemented by the Trump administration”.

Following the Migrant Protection Protocols, the five women whom Cory Booker helped were initially sent to Mexico. However, on Booker’s orders, this time these five asylum seekers were sent to the US shelter instead of the detention center.

Upon arriving across the border, the Senator tweeted, “…I’m gonna fight for these five folks and do everything I can to see that they get fairly evaluated. This is a long process that they’re now engaged in and I’m gonna make sure my office does the right thing…”

Booker criticized the Trump administration for not providing proper facilities to the asylum seekers. He accused Trump for his execution of immigration policies and executive actions that have led to a real crisis of values in the country. He even added, “I disagree with this idea that our asylum system is too broad”.

Booker plans to “virtually eliminate” immigration detention centers, undo the Muslim ban; bring back the protection for Dreamers act, which has been removed by the Trump administration, if he wins the 2020 presidential elections. He also plans to undo the time limitations binding the asylum seekers.

Cory Booker even stood against the federal law favored by Democratic primary rival Julián Castro, which makes the unauthorized asylum seekers’ entry into the US a crime, saying, “I didn’t see anything today that changed my opinion”.

Earlier this week, Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke also visited Juarez to draw attention towards the difficult living conditions faced by the immigrants. It appears that the Democrats through these visits are bringing into consideration the life of the asylum seekers, who flee from their respective places in search of better lives but what they get is even worse.

Illegal immigration and detention has become a major area of concern that has affected the US citizens physically and mentally. While the MPP program has affected the lives of the asylum seekers, the Trump administration has claimed that it has helped the undocumented immigrants who “are living far better now than where they came from, and in far safer conditions”.


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