Democrats have Slight Hopes of Winning the Senate Majority

    Democratic Party

    The much awaited midterm elections are finally here, and signs have emerged that voter turnout could be exceptional this time. Owing to this, the Democratic Party has slight hopes of winning the majority.

    The Democrats think that they may see a number of tightly fought races swing their way, if voter turnout is high. Besides, they seem hopeful about their chances of limiting GOP gains in the Senate.

    On Monday, a latest NBC News/Marist poll revealed that Sen Claire McCaskill (D) is up by 3 points in Missouri. She was seen slipping in earlier polls.

    Four other latest polls unveiled that Sen. Bill Nelson (D) is sitting on a strong lead in his reelection bid in Florida, against Gov. Rick Scott. The Democrats hope that their gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum in Florida will attract new voters to the polls.

    Besides, in Nevada, early voting numbers among Democratic voters has even some GOP strategists admitting that incumbent Sen. Dean Heller (R) may lose.

    According to the recent polls, even in Tennessee, the Senate race has tightened. Moreover, compared with 2016, early voter turnout in some areas of the state is significantly up.

    The issue for the Democratic Party is that, they’d have to win in Tennessee, Nevada and an open seat in Arizona, in order to even have a chance of winning the majority. It will have to hold on to every one of their seats in danger to seal the deal.

    Other than these states, Democratic Party are in tough contests in Indiana, West Virginia, Montana and North Dakota. In order to win the Senate majority, they cannot afford to lose any of those seats.

    Moreover, in Senate, the only possible pickup for Democrats is in Texas, which is a long shot at best. However, they are much hopeful as compared to two weeks ago, when the resentful debate over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation appeared to close a narrow path to a Democratic majority.

    Democrats feel they’ve regained their footing since then, as the attention has shifted to a series of pipe bombs sent to prominent Democrats, and also the deadly mass shooting on the Jewish community at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. All these incidents had put a renewed focus on President Trump’s rhetoric, as well as the nation’s political climate.

    Although the incidents and the polls show that the majority of voters are inclining towards the Democrats, it is definitely not fully reliable. Several influencers have also been urging the masses to go out and vote, and also to choose the best. Will the polls turn out to be true, or the Republican supporters will flip the hopes of Democrats?


    • Alex Smith

      Alex has a past experience of 5 years in writing political stories. He was a former United States’ news blogger with a major inclination towards the political section than entertainment and lifestyle categories. The opportunity of working with Ask Truth served as a perfect chance to explore politics in the United States.

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