Democratic Hopefuls Furious over Michael Bloomberg Re-entering 2020 Race

Michael Bloomberg

The 9th richest person in the country and the 14th richest person in the world, Michael Bloomberg, is once again playing with the US politics. In the wake of the 2020 elections, the American businessman, whose net worth is estimated at $57.1 billion until now, has re-shown his interest in running for the presidential bid.

Until date, Bloomberg’s name has been listed under the largest private donator to have ever contributed to a higher education institution. He has also joined The Giving Pledge, where billionaires pledge to give away at least half of their wealth.

However, Bloomberg’s decision to run for the 2020 bid has frustrated many Democratic candidates, who mentioned that there is no appetite for a candidacy from the former New York City Mayor. Moreover, his previous act of backing off from the presidential race only because of the tough competition was kind of unacceptable to many leaders.

Although many remained quiet as Bloomberg’s exit eventually shortened the list of prominent Democratic candidates, challenging the Republican face for 2020.

While withdrawing in March, the 77-year-old billionaire stated that he would use the next two years for helping the US in adopting renewable energy resources. The ex-Mayor also planned to address the increasing gun violence in the country.

Now, Michael Bloomberg’s re-entry in the race is being seen as a big problem for three Democratic primaries – Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who are quite popular amongst the voters.  

While the top three hopefuls have been in the race since the beginning, apart from garnering the support of Americans, they have received their own share of criticism too. Biden for his inappropriate conduct towards several women, Sanders for his longtime proponent of Marijuana legalization, and Warren for her Medicare for All plan. All together they appear to be too radical to win the general election. In such a situation if not even Michael Bloomberg then who would become the Democratic face for 2020?

Despite the political chaos amongst the Democratic hopefuls, they are not ready to accept Bloomberg’s involvement in the election race as it might change the entire 2020 game.

Upon Bloomberg’s adding up in the presidential race, Democratic strategist Joel Payne said, “Bloomberg does not really have time to make an impact. But it’s sending a message that the folks in the middle of the party are going to voice their discontent.”

Since, the Democratic Party does not seem to be welcoming Bloomberg, it appears to be one of the greatest problems for the billionaire, who is both at an advantage and a disadvantage of being rich.

At a time, when the policies like “Medicare for All” and “Green New Deal” have much stronger support in the party, will Michael Bloomberg, who is often fundamentally misunderstood by the masses, succeed in gathering support from his own party and the voters?


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