Differing from Other Hopefuls, Kamala Harris Proposes Better Mental Health Facilities

Kamala Harris

Democratic hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris recently offered doubling of the mental health treatment beds as a part of an extension to her stated vision of policies for upcoming presidential elections.

The politician, who turned 55 in October, is one of the leading and most supportive names in the Democratic presidential race. On Monday, Harris said that doubling the number of mental health treatment across the country would cover the vulnerable populations such as veterans and children, who are often left behind in poor conditions.

Kamala Harris’ proposal would remove “roadblocks” such as surprise billing for out-of-network providers or higher charges for mental health services, while the Democratic hopeful aims to rely on Medicare to fulfill the initiative.

“My plan will deliver mental health care on demand and get care for all Americans who need it by removing obstacles like high copays and deductibles, providing direct access to providers via telemedicine, and investing research dollars into public health challenges facing our veterans,” Harris said.

Prioritizing such facilities in the states with accumulated shortages is like a boon to its natives as healthcare and its policies in the US are largely owned and operated by private sector businesses.

As 58 percent of the community hospitals in the country are non-profit, various exemptions given to these hospitals get scrutinized by policymakers, with innumerable arguments. Keeping aside such controversies, Kamala Harris through her plans of addressing mental health shortage and addiction treatment, aims to provide active facilities to all the citizens.

Harris proposed to repeal a Medicaid policy that prohibits federal funds from going towards large mental health institutions, which she said have aggravated a shortage of acute psychiatric care beds. She thus, plans to pay more to the providers, while relying heavily on her “Medicare for All”.

Harris’ plan, which proposes a $100 million fund for Native American communities, does not put a price on other policies, which could be quite expensive. It would offer mental health services on demand through phone or video to all Americans without deductibles or copays, a fact which appears more feasible to the citizens.

Since Iowa, Nevada, Michigan and South Carolina were specifically mentioned by Harris, it appears that she is planning to include all the early voting states in her plan in a way leaving an impact of her policy on the voters. This might also improve her candidacy for the 2020 elections.

Despite being a potential leader, Kamala Harris faced additional criticism and often accrued negative publicity for her actions. She has been portrayed as being out of touch with her self-described “black base”, though her experience and bringing up is purely American.

While holding other positions, Harris fulfilled her duties with excellence. She has been supporting many causes including abortion rights, decriminalizing marijuana on the federal level.

Harris also unveiled a $10 trillion climate change plan in September with an intend to move the country to a 100 percent renewable energy-based power grid by 2030, while simultaneously working for gun laws, LGBT rights, healthcare and immigration.

Given her initiatives, will Kamala Harris succeed in her motives at a time when she has added another policy that reinstates her optimistic ideology for the betterment of people?  


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