Trump reminds in ‘60 Minutes’ interview that he’s the President

Donald Trump 60 Minutes Interview

It’s pretty hard to forget that Trump is President of America.  He’s everywhere – on the front page of the news, on our television sets and on our Twitter feeds.  But just in case we do forget, Donald Trump 60 minutes interview reminded us of him being the President.

‘I’m President, and you are not,’ is what he said to news veteran interviewer Lesley Stahl, in a pretty heated Donald Trump 60 Minutes interview about his relationship with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.

After the interview, Trump was praised by Kellyanne Conway for his excellent interview with Stahl.  This despite the fact that Trump did not give any real news in his interview, rather choosing to go on about a dishonest media and to defend his somewhat contentious relationships with Putin and Jong Un.

When Stahl tried to get Trump to talk about the firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Trump blatantly lied and he said he never pledged not to fire him.  But then went off on a tangent about ‘I don’t want to pledge, why should I pledge, If I pledge I will pledge, I don’t have to pledge to you…’

Donald Trump 60 minutes interview became funny as he was in loss of words with Stahl and that is when he reminded that he was the President of the United States.  Trump in a way managed to have many testy exchanges with Stahl.  When Stahl noted that Moscow has a reputation for assassinating their critics, Trump didn’t deny it, he just said he minded his own business.  Trump also acknowledged that Russia probably did interfere in the US elections but said they had nothing to do with his race, or fight, with Hillary Clinton.

He went one step further to say sure Russia medaled, but so did China.  And Trump seems to think China is a bigger problem.

Stahl asked Trump how he embraced a dictator like Kim Jong Un and Trump just spoke about good energy and good chemistry and how there were no more threats anymore because of, pats his own back, brilliant brand of diplomacy.

Trump’s diplomatic stance

Before Donald Trump 60 Minutes interview, ABC had aired an exclusive with the first lady, Melania Trump.  She described times when she had disagreed with her husband.

When asked about that, Trump said he agreed with Melania.

Perhaps the most interesting question was when Stahl asked Trump what he had learned since being President, especially as this was his first foray into politics in the US.  His answer was that he had always thought that real estate people were tough, now he realizes, it’s politicians.

And when asked about Mattis leaving, Trump just said ‘Everybody has to leave at some time, don’t they.’  And reminded Stahl he was the president.


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