Sen. Elizabeth Warren Introduces Labor Reform for 2020 Campaign

2020 campaign

The 2020 campaign has metaphorically become a race for the Democratic hopefuls, who are making efforts be it through their speeches or announcing policies, to emerge as appropriate candidates in the voters’ eyes. Following the same trend, the Democratic hopeful Elizabeth Warren released her most ambitious labor reform platform.

The Massachusetts Senator emerged as one of the top priorities of the voters during the past three Democratic debates. Despite being heavily criticized for her policies, Warren never lost her stance and kept on fighting against the hurdles. The fourth debate scheduled for Ohio would occur in mid-October.

Following the 2020 campaign, Warren released her 14 pages long labor reform the day before a big presidential forum was hosted by the Service Employees International Union, representing 2 million janitors, home care workers, security guards, and childcare workers — and candidates have been jockeying for the union’s prized endorsement.

In her labor reform for 2020 campaign, Warren made a list of promises to close every loophole and fix every broken policy that has avoided the workers and their families to evolve in the post-recession economy. While tackling the trifecta of terrible corporate policies, she aims to provide new rights to the workers including freelancers, expanding their overtime pay and promoting unity.

It’s the unity amongst workers that leads to prosperity in work, which in turn would boost the country’s economy. In a democratic society, the workers should be provided with certain liberty and power to sustain and work effectively.  

Well this is not the first time that a detailed policy reform has been released by any Democrat. Earlier many other presidential hopefuls promised workers of providing paid parental leave, a $15 minimum wage, and paid sick days, calling it just the beginning of their policies, while confronting others.

Warren’s policies are mostly a reflection of proposals by Bernie Sanders, except that she also focuses on little things that could make a huge difference in the history of oppressed Americans, especially the Black Americans.

Empowering workers, ending exploitation while protecting the vulnerable workers and crack down on companies that break US labor laws are some of the important plans that Warren wishes to focus upon in her 2020 campaign. However, equalizing the minimum standard of pay and benefits to all the workers in the same industry is a conflicting issue that could lead to Warren’s backfiring.


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