FBI To Investigate Bomb Found Near George Soros’s Home

George Soros

The discovery of a strange-looking bomb in a mailbox near George Soros’s home recently have triggered panic involving investigators from the FBI to uncover who is behind the panned attack.

As reported by the New York Times the bomb was discovered by an employee at George Soros’s residence. The 88-year-old billionaire financier is considered as one of the leading financial donors to some liberal courses and groups.

Although no suspect or link has been named by the investigators, the possibility is that the investigators may have to look in many angles to unravel the mystery. Soros has been on the receiving end of the far right.  He has made a huge donation in millions of dollars in support the Democratic campaigns in many instances.

 In recent times, George Soros’s has been under intense heat both in the media in the U.S and in his birthplace, Hungary. He has been under a barrage of a media campaign in recent times, but no link has been established or mentioned by the FBI investigators, who may need to dig deeper than expected in this case.

Just last week, Matt Gaetz laid an accusation at the doorstep of George Soros of possibly funding large drove of immigrants from Honduras into the United States. President Donald Trump later laid the claim on the path of the Democrats.

The New York Times was quick to dismiss the two claims as untenable claiming they “lacked evidence”. The Open Society came strongly against Gaetz’s opinion and urged him to investigate the true reasons for the caravan’s drive.

FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force has been appointed by the Bedford police for this explosive device case. . The FBI’s New York division tweeted it is conducting an investigation “at and around a residence in Bedford, NY” and that “there is no threat to public safety.

The police claimed that investigation is ongoing “at and around a residence in Bedford, New York.

With the wave of a recent media campaign against George Soros, the FBI investigator may have to engage many possibilities to discover the source of the bomb. Many motives will have to be carefully analyzed both in the U.S. and Hungary.

Matt Gaetz, the Republican Representative for Florida may possibly be visited by the FBI during the course of the investigation to the matter.

No one can give an explanation to how the perpetrator managed to get so close to the vicinity of George Soro’s home without being detected would be another interesting angle that the FBI has to dig into.

Whichever way the investigation goes, people are waiting to know who is behind this act and what the possible motives are. FBI should work on this on an urgent basis. If a quick resolution is not possible within a reasonable time, Investigators dragnet may go beyond the U.S into Hungary. There is a likelihood of this.


  • Olivia Anstey

    Olivia believes writing is the best form of communication and is the basis for human survival. She presents a wider picture of each and every political aspect and believes the truth must be spoken! She has additionally spent most of her time consulting federal employees based on her experience in the department, which she now uses while writing for Ask The Truth.

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