Fears of Increasing Iranian Unrest Result in Reimposed Internet Blackout

Iranian Unrest

Iranian unrest, caused by citizens’ protests against the ruling government has resulted in various internal conflicts, with strikes being a major reason to cause disarray and clashes amongst the public and government supporters.

In order to protect the country from another outbreak, Iranian authorities took a huge decision of restricting internet services on mobiles, adding to the woes of the protestors.

Iranian protests that sparked in November with the government’s decision of raising gasoline prices, soon covered the calls of political freedom, making it the most crucial incident, with the last one being witnessed in the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The US’ move of exercising its superiority as a major power, supporting the wave of protests has further heightened Iranian unrest.

The widespread aggression against the governing regime has led to violence throughout the country, with the US acting as a savior of the protestors. Recently, it announced fresh sanctions against some of Iran’s security forces, whom it held accountable for creating Iranian unrest.

It appears that the foreign interference in Iran has only heightened its problems. To avoid any foreign interferences through social media that could encourage the protestors for a new round of demonstrations, Iranian authorities resorted to internet blackout, on Wednesday.

The US that was once the largest arms exporter to Iran, helping the latter to emerge as a dominant military power in the Middle East, further paving the way for its nuclear weapon development has now sanctioned it for the very same purpose.

The collapse of US-Iran alliance in 1979 brought China and Soviet Union together to Iran’s aid, becoming its major arms supplier.

Ever since, the US has imposed several sanctions on Iran, it has plunged the country’s economy. Since, much of the Iranian unrest is driven by poor economic conditions, unemployment and inflation, the protests have taken a broader anti-establishment turn, sparking a violent government crackdown with restrictions on internet access.

It’s not the first time that the mobile internet services in Iran have been disrupted due to protests.

Iran has been following the pattern of internet on and off since the initiation of protests in November. As some of the US leaders believe internet shut down to be a systematic assault on the right to freedom of expression, the Iranians move simultaneously puts a downward pressure on stalled US-Iran talks.

The move of internet shutdown came a day ahead of the demonstrations that were called by the relatives of people killed in Iranian unrest. Since, the renewed protests were called to commemorate the dead, the Iranian authorities found the reason inconvenient and blocked mobile internet access to overseas sites in Alborz, Kurdestan and Zanjan provinces in central and western Iran and Fars in the south.

Internet blockage Observatory NetBlocks said,

The critics believe that in order to avoid spreading of Iranian unrest, the authorities are gradually increasing the areas with internet restriction.

Handling the situations, Jamal Hadian, spokesman from Iranian communications ministry claimed that neither the judiciary nor other relevant authorities issued any order to shut down the internet. Not only that, three Iranian mobile operators followed the same approach, denying internet disruptions.

The current situations have raised direct questions on the ongoing issues. It remains skeptical whether the government authorities are to be trusted or the people suffering.


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