Fiscal Year 2020 to Become More Difficult for Refugees

Fiscal Year 2020

As the fiscal year 2020 is approaching, the Trump administration has made new plans to include and exclude certain deals from the federal budget. Lowering the number of refugee admissions in the country is one of the greatest agreements that the government wants to include in the coming fiscal year, which will start from October 1 and continue until September 30 next year.

Since the starting of the immigration program, also known as Refugee Act, which became effective on April 1, 1980, the purpose of the plan has been to respond to the urgent needs of person subject to persecution in their homelands, providing assistance, asylum, and resettlement opportunities to the admitted refugees.

However, fulfilling their responsibilities has become a tough task for the government amid the presence of increased number of undocumented immigrants and illegal entries in the country. Due to the border crisis, the government is continuously failing to create a uniform procedure of providing equal opportunities to the refugees.

On Thursday, the Trump administration proposed a lowest record of 18,000 refugee admissions in the country. A year ago, the same administration set the refugee admission limit to 30,000.

The proposed lowering digits received a positive response from the citizens, whose rights and resources are being compromised on a daily basis. The thought that they could even be separated from their families amid the proposed limits, left the migrants in fear.

Yesterday, the DHS and HHS submitted the proposed refugee admissions for fiscal year 2020 in a report to Congress. The DHS would be held responsible for addressing focus on the ongoing crisis at the southern border, reducing asylum backlogs.

While backing the proposed idea, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan, who previously signed an asylum deal with El Salvador, said, “The United States has always been and will always remain the most generous nation in the world when it comes to welcoming those in need of humanitarian protection, including refugees, asylees, and victims of trafficking.”

The move has largely been condemned by the Democrats, who claimed that government has been running away from its commitments and that their every decision has affected the poor and needy. But would this really help them in gathering more support from the voters, following the 2020 elections remain uncertain.

While looking back in the history, the crime rate in the country has subsequently increased. Majority of the refugees and undocumented immigrants are contributing to that be it because of their agitation against the government and the citizens or their personal fears of getting harmed.

Thus, prioritizing the need to curb the cause, be it through reducing the number of refugee admissions or constructing a border wall at the US-Mexico border, is what the government plans to do in the fiscal year 2020. Despite innumerable failed attempts that they have made in the past, will this move be a final blow to the plight of the asylum seekers?


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