G20 Summit to Mark Trump’s Meet with Leaders of Two Rival Countries

G20 Summit to Mark Trump’s Meet with Leaders of Two Rival Countries

This post was last updated on September 12th, 2019 at 01:32 pm

The G20 summit that would be taking place next month is already in talks, since President Donald Trump announced to meet the leaders of two rival countries. The annual international forum will be hosted by Japan this year, which will be its first ever.

To be held in Osaka on June 28–29, 2019, the event is expected to mark the presence of all the participant countries of the forum. Although President Trump’s plan to attend the meeting were not confirmed previously, his announcement to meet the presidents of both Russia and China evinced his schedule.

On Monday, Trump announced that he will be meeting the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Chinese President Xi Jingping at next month’s G20 summit. While US-China relations are visibly lapsing, the Trump-Putin equation remains a mystery.

Trump’s relationship with the Russian leader has long been a subject of heavy scrutinization, as Moscow has been under allegations of meddling in the 2016 US presidential elections for two years.

The probe into the case concluded last month by the special counsel Robert Mueller last month, revealed several details of meddling attempts by Russia on behalf of Trump. However, the investigations were unsuccessful in finding enough evidence to prove the participation of Trump or his aides in the conspiracy.

Trump’s announcement to meet Putin on the sidelines of G20 summit is expected to invite several critics, who are claiming that the US President is not taking sincere efforts in deterring Kremlin from repeating the offense in 2020 elections as well.

While it appears to be a Trump-Putin accord, the disagreements between the two nations on several other issues have made is perplexing to judge the relations. The two countries have recently remained in a conflict over the soaring tensions in Venezuela as well as Iran.

Russia, on the other hand, stated that they received no formal proposal about Trump’s mentioned meet with Putin at the G20 summit in June. Besides, the Moscow spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that there had been “no talks” about any such meeting, “let alone an agreement about one”. He also highlighted that the last planned meeting between Trump and Putin had been canceled at Washington’s initiative.

Besides Russia, President Trump has also announced to meet the Chinese President at the forum, amidst the escalating trade issues between the two countries. The US-China relations have long remained tangled in a trade war, where the two sides have been slapping retaliatory tariffs.

While President Trump has repeatedly been claiming that his 25 percent tariffs on $250 billion worth Chinese goods give him the leverage in the negotiations, Beijing announced to take a tit-for-tat action even after Trump’s warning against it.

However, despite growing trade tensions, President Trump seems hopeful that the G20 summit meeting with the Chinese President Xi would be “very hopeful”.

Although Russia stated that they are unaware of any such meeting, no statement came from China. While the US President has been awaiting to meet the Chinese President, Xi sent the Vice-Premier Liu He to meet Trump for negotiations. While the two presidents have not been able to meet yet, the G20 summit is expected to bring them on the same table.

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