Blame it on health myth, 41% Americans not keen on flu vaccine

    flu vaccine in US

    According to a poll released on Wednesday, Americans have still not taken flu vaccine in spite of the deadliest flu season in 2017. The poll, conducted from November 14-19, included 1,202 interviews with nationally representative samples from all the 50 states of USA. More than 40 percent American adults have not taken flu vaccine this year.

    Public health officials are warning the public to get vaccinated as flu killed 80,000 people in 2017. The death count was 12,000 in 2011–2012, and increased to 56,000 during 2012–2013.

    According to the survey from NORC at the University of Chicago, about 40 percent adults said they haven’t been vaccinated and have no plans to do so. When asked, the reasons given by adults were surprising. Most of them said that they are concerned about side effects from the vaccination. While others believed that flu vaccines don’t work very well and they might get flu from vaccination.

    However, health experts denied all the accusations, and claimed that side effects from these vaccines are very mild and it does not cause the flu.

    Caroline Pearson, senior student at NORC at the University of Chicago said, “Flu vaccination helps prevent people from getting sick with the flu and reduces the severity of illness for those who do get sick.”

    She added, “Widespread vaccination also helps create ‘herd immunity’ that protects vulnerable groups who are prevented from getting vaccinated.”

    At a news conference in September, Surgeon General Jerome Adams stated, “That herd immunity is so, so very important. That community immunity is what we want to take home today; 80,000 deaths last year and they all got the flu from someone else.”

    After so many rising alarms by the health experts in the US, it’s disappointing to see that the adults of such a developed nation are not serious about the deadliest flu. People should take vaccination as a social responsibility to protect their family and children.

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