Humanitarian Crisis: A Reason Behind Deportation of Asylum Seekers

Asylum Seekers

Life of asylum seekers have never been easy. Fleeing their home country, while entering another one in search of a better life, protection and economic security has added to their hardships, while they remain deprived of their social status as a citizen of the country.

Furthermore, the rules and regulations have toughened their situations, with many getting into the list of illegal immigrants, while others at the risk of being deported to some other country. The deporting decisions are often taken irrespective of the protection status of asylum seekers, forcing them to live under dire consequences.

The policies of deporting asylum seekers to Central American countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras was in practice since November. The irony of the situation is that the crime rate in all these countries has only increased over the period of time, which the government has failed to recognize, beneath its own motives. The situations raise serious questions on how the government plans to protect the immigrants post deporting them to the same region, from which they fled.

Challenging the administration over its deportation policies through a lawsuit appeared to be the best move to the advocacy groups, including American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The aim was to provide a safe haven to the asylum seekers, irrespective of the made up laws, focused upon illegally trying to turn them away to other countries.

Some of the immigration policies have been a center of attention for a long time, with critics arguing that they violate the Refugee Act, Immigration and Nationality Act and Administrative Procedure Act. The filed lawsuit was a response to the strict policies and held accountable the government figures and agencies responsible for the immigrant crackdown.

Previously, two people – a gay man and a daughter and a mother, deported to Guatemala feared for their lives, due to their past experiences. While many officials stood with the integrity of the deportation program, the lawsuit criticized the perilous conditions put under the procedure.

It’s not only the Central American refugees, who face deportation threats to the countries with high crime rates. The list would also include the Middle Eastern refugees, the cost of resettling whom in the US has long been debated upon by the leaders.

Given the limited funds, relocation of the Middle Eastern asylum seekers to the US was never considered an effective way to help. A study viewed that the average cost of resettling each Middle Eastern refugee in the country is $64,370 in the first five years, which is equal to the help given to 12 refugees in the Middle East for five years.

Thus, post careful considerations, the country is now giving alternatives of deportation to the asylum seekers, with the goal of helping as many people possible, but is alongside lacking in providing security measures for the same. The refugee crisis is thus becoming a big complication for the US that wants to help but is failing to reduce the humanitarian crisis.


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