ICE Withdraws Fine for Some Undocumented Immigrants in Country

undocumented immigrants

With what rights are the undocumented immigrants residing in the country? Shouldn’t they immediately return to their place of origin? Such curious questions have always occupied the young American minds. To be precise, much of the US constitution, which uses the term people rather than the citizen, itself applies to everyone in the country including the undocumented immigrants.  

According to the constitution, all in the country should be provided with basic rights but how these are manipulated in favor of the citizens and used against the non-citizens is a complex phenomenon. Due to the increased illegal immigration in the country, the government brought in back-to-back reforms that acted both as an advantage and a disadvantage for the migrants.

Following the rules, many of the undocumented immigrants surrendered to the border authorities seeking asylums, while many others refused to recognize legitimate governance. The breakdown of rules led to a rise in crime cases such as shootings, stabbings, rapes and human trafficking committed by criminal illegal aliens in the country, with authorities failing to provide safety to the migrants and citizens.

Moreover, the sanctuary jurisdictions’ refusal to restrain the crimes has made it difficult for the authorities to enforce strict immigration laws, while their acts have not only blocked the local law enforcement officers from their primary duty but also promoted violence in the country.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which could partner with state and local law agencies for assistance with immigration enforcement is henceforth, solely responsible for the protection and removal of individuals in the country.

Against its previous move of imposing fine on undocumented immigrants in the country, the ICE on Tuesday withdrew fines ranging from $300,000 to nearly $500,000 for more than five women, who were living in sanctuary conditions, to avoid deportation.

The latest move was a reversal for the 2017 executive order, which focused on collecting fines and penalties from the aliens unlawfully present in the country.

Edith Espinal, who was one of the undocumented immigrants living inside a church in Columbus, Ohio from the past two years, confirmed that she received a note from ICE related to fine withdrawal and raised safety concerns.

Though the ICE has removed fines on some of the undocumented immigrants, the fact that they have been taking shelter in the church, violating the law cannot be neglected. Could the entire proposal be an act to lure out the women, who are long been protected under sanctuary conditions so as to deport them to their native places?  


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