Illegal Immigration: ICE Arrests Suspected Human Rights Violators

Illegal Immigration

Migration of people into a country, violating its immigration laws is nowadays common in the US. People with no legal right to be the residents have given rise to illegal immigration in the country. Moreover, the situation has risen the risk of detention and deportation with individuals and their respective nations, facing sanctions.

The analysts believe that trade liberalization, poverty, overpopulation are some of the reasons that have motivated the immigrants to enter the country through US-Mexico border to live a better life. However, the increased immigrations have led to individual’s lack of access to services, given rise to labor exploitation, slavery, illness often leading to deaths.

Recently the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested dozens of illegal immigrants during a sting operation called Operation No Safe Haven V, as they were suspected of being human rights violator. The operation continued for two days from August 27 to 29.

Post the sting, the officials arrested about 39 illegal immigrants, which included 30 men and nine women. Out of the arrested individuals, the ICE believed that around 16 people, despite committing illegal immigration, were involved in innumerable crimes including domestic violence, selling drugs, and are in illegal possession of firearms.

Around 14 people, who were arrested in human trafficking crimes, belonged to Central America. While four arrested immigrants, who initially belonged to China, were suspected of working with the Communist Chinese government to perform forced abortions and sterilizations.

Moving on in the arrest list, the ICE officers found that four people belonged to West Africa and were connected with slaughtering of civilians. They were also accused for recruitment of children to fight as soldiers. Another European was arrested for committing abuses against political enemies.

One of the major reasons behind the sting was to halt the spread of war criminals and human rights abusers, who have been using the country as a safe haven for carrying the offences, harming the peace and prosperity of the nation.

In an attempt of maintaining peace, the ICE officials also arrested 12 people on Thursday on charges of trespassing in the Amazon building in Cambridge. The individuals were protesting to end the private company’s cooperation with the ICE.

The protestors claimed that Amazon’s continuous attempts to sell its controversial facial recognition technology to the ICE was unnecessarily targeting the people of color in the live crowds, making the situation difficult for undocumented immigrants.

Despite the protests, the ICE officials have claimed that their main goal behind the arrests was to curb the illegal immigration in the country that has more or less poorly affected the citizens. They want to end all illegal ways, which the fugitives use to claim asylums in the US.

In the similar context the director of the ICE pledged to arrest every single criminal saying, “We will never stop looking for them and we will never cease seeking justice for the victims of their crimes.”


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