Immigrant Crisis Looms as US Dawns to Deport Mexicans to Guatemala


In another move likely to invite immigrant crisis at the US-Mexico border, Mexicans who are seeking asylum in the US could be sent to Guatemala, as per the latest reports. The move comes as a part of the policy signed by the Trump administration with the Central American country last year. It states, migrants from El Salvador and Honduras who pass through Guatemala can be returned to the country to seek asylum there first.

However, the additional bit of information as given by the US Department of Homeland Security states, some of them could even face deportation. However, the neighboring nation has rejected the plan, saying it could affect hundreds of people.

Immigration to the US has grown as a major problem with the current administration against accepting the applications of thousands of people seeking asylum, especially from the economically devastated nations.

The idea of doing away with migrants isn’t only restricted to Mexico, but other countries as well. In a recent case, a man named Jesus who fled Venezuela three months ago, finally got his chance to tell a judge how he and his mother escaped political persecution.

“The judge asked me three questions,” Jesus said in Spanish through an interpreter. “What’s your nationality? Why did you leave your country? Why can’t you go back?”, he added.

“I explained my case to him. And he accepted my experience.” The Judge, after which, handed him a form of protection from deportation. However, the immigration officer instead told him that he was being deported to Mexico.

As reported, immigrant advocates have recognized at least 17 cases of migrants who have been forced to repatriate, even after winning the case.

Yet Luckily, Jesus contacted his lawyer, Kizuka, in person for the first time, who showed authorities the paper and granted him the protection in the United States. The lawyer informed that he argued with officers at the border for more than four hours, who finally let him in.

Presently, more than 55,000 migrants have been forced to wait in Mexico for their hearing day in US immigration courts. Besides, for those staying in Guatemala, where murder rate is five times than US, the danger keeps lurking.

“Certain Mexicans seeking humanitarian protections in the United States may now be eligible to be transferred to Guatemala and given the opportunity to seek protection there,” a US Department of Homeland Security spokesperson said in a statement on Monday.

This means that a Mexican being deported from El Paso in Texas, across the border from Ciudad Juárez, to Guatemala, some 2,500km (1,500 miles) away. The statement has been hugely condemned by the Mexico’s foreign ministry, saying some 900 asylum seekers could be affected come February.

US-Mexico have been at odds over accepting each other’s terms for more than while now, and with deportation to Guatemala highly likely to become a normal practice, the situation is set to turn for worse.


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