Is Christine Blasey Ford linked with the Central Intelligence Agency?

    Christine Blasey Ford

    In September 2018, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford publicly accused federal judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, of sexually assaulting her over 30 years ago when they both were in high school.

    The accusation received a lot of mixed reactions, with Trump talking strongly in favor of Kavanaugh, calling him “one of the finest human beings”. On the other hand, hundreds of US law professors were seen urging the Senate to reject Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination due to his conduct.

    Later in September and October, Ford faced personal attacks for the accusation, with conspiracy theories emerging that Ford is closely linked with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Her allegations were labeled as false and only a plot of CIA to block Kavanaugh’s confirmation and disrupt President Trump’s agenda.

    Ford’s family background and link ups with CIA were revealed on Twitter in forms of memes and tweets. The accusations involved were:

    1. Ford directs the CIA undergraduate internship program at Stanford University.
    2. Her grandfather, Nicholas Deak, was a well-known CIA agent for decades.
    3. Three CIA-front companies Red Coats Inc., Datawatch, and Admiral Security Systems were run by her father, Ralph Blasey II.
    4. And her brother, Ralph Blasey III, works for the international law firm of Baker Hostetler. The firm created fusion GPS, the company who wrote the Russian “dossier”. It was also said that Baker Hostetler was located in the same building as that of three CIA-run companies.

    This theory was shared and promoted on various social media platforms as well as blogging sites.

    The Stanford Connection

    Stanford University does not operate or manage its own “CIA Undergraduate Internship Program,” it only promotes that internship (which is operated by the CIA itself in Washington, D.C.) to its students, along with several other fellowships and professional opportunities, under the auspices of the university’s Haas Center for Public Service.

    Christine Blasey Ford is not a CIA internship program head, but only a research psychologist at Stanford. The Haas Center for Public Service has only four staff members responsible for counseling students on CIA and other internships, and Ford is not one of them.

    Ralph Blasey III

    According to Blasey III’s LinkedIn profile, he did work as a litigation partner for Baker Hostetler in the firm’s Washington, D.C. office. However, Baker Hostetler did not create Fusion GPS, instead Fusion GPS had performed some work as a subcontractor for Baker Hostetler, this began in 2013, Blasey had already left the company in 2004.

    Ralph Blasey II

    Blasey II works for only one of those three companies and none of them shares an address with Baker Hostetler or is being operated with CIA. All of three companies have had contracts with various federal government departments like any other Washington firm. However, there is no evidence of the companies having a contract with CIA.

    Nicholas Deak

    Deak was born in Hungary and held a doctorate in economics. He supervised more than 100 agents working for Deak & Co., one of the world’s biggest dealers in foreign currencies. Deak is said to be the grandfather of Ford. But Deak had only one son, named Robert Leslie ruling out the possibility of Deak being either the maternal or paternal grandfather of Ford.

    The attempt to link Christine Blasey Ford to the CIA through the above accusations fails on several fronts.


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