Is gun violence embedding into the US as the new normal?

    gun violence

    On July 8, a 16-year-old girl was killed in an ostensible drive-by gunfire in Birmingham. The victim was identified as Arrielle Lashawn Parker-Jefferies by the police. The East Precinct officers arrived at the Westwood Drive after learning of the shots fired. However, at the crime scene, they could not find any traces of gun activity.

    Well ahead, the officers were informed of a young girl arriving at Children’s of Alabama through personal vehicle. It was claimed that Arrielle had a gunshot wound, and after 30 minutes, she was declared dead.

    On February 14, 2018, the school shooting, in Parkland, Florida, killed seventeen students and staff, which was one of the ruthless school massacres in the history of the United States.

    A similar gun violence broke out last week, wherein, Jarrod W Ramos killed five people at the Capital Gazette Newspaper office in Annapolis. This incident triggered several questions. First, how did Ramos manage to penetrate the security check, and bring a gun inside the building? May be the building lacked security devices, which could detect the gun.

    Second, how Ramos got the gun’s possession? According to the reports, he already had three peace orders on his name. Such corroborations were enough to raise a flag.

    This demonstrates how quickly guns are being peddled in the black market, getting into the hands of felons and spurring the crime rates, across the US. However, the majority of such homicides are not considered worthy of mainstream news coverage. Until, devastating events surface, both media and the politicians maintain silence.

    The US has been long-subjected to a negative loop for gun violence. According to the United Nations data, the gun-homicide rate of US ranks the highest, compared to that of Canada, Sweden and Germany.

    This is intuitive, as the US maintains the most vulnerable gun laws, amid other developed nations. The researchers from Northeastern and Harvard Universities stated: “There are about 265 million privately-owned guns in the US.”

    The United States has to confront this issue in order to combat further cold-blooded homicides. The US constitution must enshrine stringent gun control measures, making it tougher for people to possess a gun in the first place.

    As things stand now, guns in circulation aren’t receding anytime soon. So, the counteractive progress needs to be measured gradually. The lawmakers in Washington should stop using this issue to strengthen their political standings, and rather treat gun violence as a public-welfare issue. Pro tem, we are relying on our legislatures to keep guns away from felons and insane people!

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