Japanese PM Shinzo Abe could be an Intermediary between US and Iran

Shinzo Abe

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has finally gained his lost position with the US, as President Donald Trump went to Japan on Saturday evening. For a long time, Abe has maintained a strict stance on North Korea and a volatile relationship with China that now appears to be an advantage in the summit between him and Trump.

Since President Trump is experiencing confrontation with North Korea and an exponentially worsening trade war with China, a healthy relationship with a country like Japan can help him maintain a check in the region.

During his four-day trip to Japan, Trump awarded the “President’s Cup” to sumo champion Asanoyama in Tokyo and played golf with Shinzo Abe at Mobara Country Club. He also became the first foreign state chief to meet the recently coroneted emperor of Japan, Emperor Naruhito, along with his wife Melania Trump.

The visit to Japan and meeting with Abe contains prime objective to address the concerns of trade deal with Japan and concerns regarding the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Role of Japanese PM acting as a mediator for both Iran and the US is also one of the prime objectives of the visit.

Before meeting with Shinzo Abe, Trump in relation with Iran said, “I know for a fact that the Prime Minster is very close with the leadership of Iran and we’ll see what happens. Nobody wants to see terrible things happen, especially me.”

This meet can help both Japan and the US at the same time. It can help Japan in not falling under the Trump’s radar during tensions between trade relations of both the countries and minimizing North Korea’s threats to Japan. It can also help the US in finding a solution for the continuous worsening relations with Iran and China.

Previously, Pentagon decided to send 5000 more Troops in the Middle-East region as a way to counter any threat that may arise due to continuously increasing tensions between the US and Iran.

The President also shared his views in relation to short-range missile tests by North Korea, saying that he is not at all concerned.

“I personally think lots of good things will come with North Korea. I may be right. I may be wrong, but we’ll see.”

Following the meeting with Abe, during the press conference Trump announced that Japan has agreed to purchase 105 F-35 stealth planes from the US.

While the meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe might bring out some positive results, Trump’s way of forcing to develop and improve trade relations is something that can never be changed, even if it maximizes the chances of worsening the foreign relations.


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