John Bolton Deploys Military in MENA Intimidating Iran

John Bolton Deploys Military in MENA Intimidating Iran

On Sunday, the National Security Advisor John Bolton, said that the US carrier strike group and bomber task force will be deployed in the Middle East. The deployment is said to be a warning that any attack by Iranian forces on the US interests or on any of its allies, will be answered with “unrelenting force”.

The deployment might also increase tensions between Iran and US to a threshold point leading to unavoidable circumstances. Amidst imposing sanctions, isolating Iran and hindering its economy, the deployment of armed forces may come as another way of increasing pressure on the Iranian government.

The deployment might also be a response to Iran’s warning earlier. Iran warned the US that they would block the Strait of Hormuz, if they are not allowed to use it as strategic waterway.

John Bolton in his statement with the media said, “The United States is not seeking war with the Iranian regime, but we are fully prepared to respond to any attack, whether by proxy, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or regular Iranian forces.”

Previously, to end the main source of Iran’s income, US claimed that any nation who buys the Iranian Oil will be experiencing the US sanctions. While Italy, Greece, and Taiwan stopped importing Iranian oil, other countries have asked for a time extension.

John Bolton in his statement said that USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group and an unnamed bomber task force are deployed to the U.S. Central Command region. According to the officials from Navy, on April 1, the strike group left Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia.
Although the US forces were deployed in the Middle-East previously as well, yet Bolton’s method of addressing the deployment might increase the tensions.

Following the announcement of John Bolton, violence between Israel and Palestine started as Gaza militants launched a volley of rockets on Israel. In response to the violence between Israel and Palestine, Trump posted a tweet in support of retaliation by the Israeli forces against the Palestinians.

The announcement by John Bolton might be a way figured out to intimidate Iranians and stop them from following any unethical way. Iran also knows that any unethical step would cost them the support of European countries that have supported it during US sanctions on oil imports. With the reasons for deployment still yet to unfold, there might be a way for both the parties to negotiate and focus on issues affecting the country.

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