Juan Guaido Calls Maduro Government to Resume Negotiation Talks in Barbados

Juan Guaido

Venezuela’s political turmoil has aggravated since the National Assembly speaker Juan Guaido declared himself as the interim President in January, directly challenging President Nicolas Maduro.

Amid the chaos and continuous political disruptions that led to the failure of peace talks in Norway in May, Guaido on Sunday said that a new dialogue for negotiations would take place in Barbados soon. The aim is to find a quick solution to the South American country’s economic and political crisis by removing Maduro from power.

“In response to the mediation of the Kingdom of Norway (the opposition) will attend a meeting with representatives of the usurper regime in Barbados, to establish a negotiation on the end of the dictatorship,” Guaido said.

Though Guaido did not mention the date for the talks, Maduro’s government hinted that it would probably resume by this week. These talks will be the third round since May. As per Guaido, the talks would further put an end to the sufferings of the Venezuelans; however, the analysts have argued that even with the help of the US, Guaido has less chances of removing the Maduro government.

Located on the northern coast of South America, Venezuela has the world’s largest known oil reserves. But with the introduction of a populist social welfare policy, which increased the social spending with temporary results, led to a destabilized economy. This caused huge crisis in the country, resulting in economic depression, inflation, with shortages of food and basic needs.

In Maduro’s reign, the situation has further worsened with increased crime rates, unemployment, poverty, diseases, malnutrition etc. Thus, with the Barbados talks, Juan Guaido aims to bring significant changes. He has also called for the Caracas to rejoin the Inter-American Defence Treaty, which Venezuela had left in 2012. Along with Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua also withdrew from the treaty earlier.

As Guaido has called this step necessary for maintaining good relations with international alliances to protect and defend the Venezuelans, the analysts assumed that the move would allow foreign military intervention to overthrow the Maduro government.

The recent suspicious death of an officer in the custody over an alleged coup plot on July 2, which aimed at removing Maduro from power, raised huge concerns. Juan Guaido said that if the talks would lead to the end of Maduro’s rule, then he was ready for the “official communication”.   

Following the celebration of Venezuelan Independence Day on July 5, Maduro said that the negotiations would proceed by this week. However, there is no such assurance that it would move towards ending the Venezuelans’ sufferings.

What seems to be the right way to end the political turmoil is the conduct of fresh elections in the country. The leaders’ continuous criticism has done no good so far. The Maduro government has been largely trying to find peace through dialogues while Juan Guaido aims to remove the usurper from power.


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