Venezuela: Juan Guaido Vows to Protest Following Failed Norway Talks

Juan Guaido

In the wake of the growing Venezuelan political struggle, the representatives of both the actual and self-allocated presidents gathered for a second round of talks in Norway on Wednesday. Juan Guaido claimed that the talks aimed at resolving the existing political crisis in the country, failed to maintain a mutual understanding and ended without any agreement, concluding protests to be the only solution.

Despite the failed accordance, the Norwegian Foreign Affairs Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide said that both sides have made certain progress during their talks in Oslo, Norway’s capital. He even added that both the parties gave their consent upon following a legal approach in the social, political, economical, and electoral matters within the country.  

The disputed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaido have been in a power battle from a long time. Observing the poor governance and dire situations in Venezuela during Maduro’s rule, 54 governments along with the US, recognized Guaido as the interim president of the country in January. Since then the move has been followed by protests from both the sides.

The Venezuelans have become the sufferers amid the growing conflicts. The economic crisis followed by inflation of goods, food scarcity, and power outages have worsened the situations. Although the acceptance of humanitarian aid from the Red Cross last month provided little help in reducing sufferings of the people, still a lot needs to be done for a full recoverance.

The Venezuelan President said that his government has long been preparing for the Norway talks. Claiming for a peace deal, Maduro said that the dialogues are the only way to reach out to any agreement. Largely, Norway that has been historical in playing its role as a peace promoter, failed to provide any specific solutions for the Venezuelan conflicts.

Juan Guaido, being disappointed by the international efforts, said that the protests were the only way left. “There was no immediate agreement, so the chance that we have today is to remain in the streets,” Guaido said. Although Norway officials have said that the talks have improved the severity of the current situation, Juan Guaido has largely denied the arguments. The free elections in the country can be seen as the only way out of the consistent Venezuelan tragedy to regain the prosperity of the nation and its individuals.


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