Immigration Chief Under Radar for Pursuing White Supremacist Ideology

Ken Cuccinelli

Addressing the immigrant’s plight that has affected the entire country and even the residents, who possess active US citizenship, the Democrats have accused the Immigration Chief, Ken Cuccinelli, of pursuing a “white supremacist ideology”.

Roots of White Supremacy in the US

The White Supremacy ideology in the country originated from the colonial era slavery, wherein the planters, while cultivating a plantation economy promoted a racist system of thought to justify their power.

The relations between humans were subjugated to domination and slavery with huge indifferences between the blacks and whites. Despite various rules promoting equality of citizens, the white supremacist ideology has not been fully removed from the society. Former President Barack Obama has been racially attacked several times, while he stood for the 2008 presidential elections.

Democrats Mixing Immigration Policies with White Supremacy

It appears that by bringing in white supremacist ideology the Democrats are trying to relate the slave era to the present, claiming that the present immigration policies have only affected the lives of the migrants.  

The Democrats have argued that removing migration barriers, while providing active benefits to all the migrants would help in reducing poverty and provide active labor mobility that would result in gains and positive impacts on the economy.

How is Ken Cuccinelli Related to all of This?

Since, Cuccinelli is reportedly being considered to become the new acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, which is in charge of all immigration affairs and agencies, he has become a center of criticism for all the Democrats.

Previously, the CIS director, who has been known as an immigration hard-liner, had sought to prohibit undocumented immigrants from attending universities and repeal birthright citizenship, and also forced employees to speak English at their workplaces.

Ken Cuccinelli has implemented and defended policies that would reject applications for visas or permanent residency for immigrants considered likely to utilize publicly funded benefit programs.

While blaming Cuccinelli during a congressional hearing, Democratic Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Wednesday said that the acting CIS director was following a “heinous white supremacist ideology at all costs, even if it means making critically ill children your collateral damage”.

Schultz even accused Cuccinelli for totally neglecting the plight of the immigrants, whose entire families were at risk if the public charge rule introduced by the Trump administration had gone into effect on October 15.

Public Charge Rule: Causes and Effects

Since, the proposed immigration rule was aimed at denying legal status to immigrants, who had enrolled or used publicly funded programs, it brought huge concerns amongst many families eligible for the public benefits.

Considering all the possible cases, the federal judges in New York and California blocked the rule earlier this month.

Many leaders in the country condemned the public charge rule saying it would force the immigrants to avoid using public services, including healthcare, which might lead to a wave of widespread diseases in the country.

Ken Cuccinelli’s Response on Laid Accusations

Responding to Wasserman Schultz’s accusations, Cuccinelli said that he was not practicing white supremacy or racist ideology. He further added that his agency never analyzed the impact that the “public charge” policy would have on children living in immigrant families because the “rule is a thousand pages long”.

The response from the CIS director seems inconvincible, while observing the existing crisis that has only worsened due to varied immigration policies over the time. Since, the country is a family to people with mixed immigration status, one in every three children along with their families remain affected by the policies, which altogether has had a profound impact on the country’s GDP growth.


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