Legal Immigration Ban: A Desperate Move to Overcome Crisis?

Legal Immigration

Immigration has become one of the most complex issues in the country. Recently, there has been a subsequent rise in the number of illegal and legal immigration cases from the neighboring countries, which has made it difficult for the US to provide equal services to the asylum seekers as well as its citizens.

As the officers are following the policies to curb the flow of migrants in the country, those travelling from Latin America or from Mexico to the US, without legal permission, are becoming victims of sexual assaults. Many of them get stuck into dealings with smugglers, criminal gangs and often corrupt officials to enter the US and get played by them. Several women have been reportedly raped.

Legal Immigration

Over the time, poverty, lack of opportunity, and unsafe conditions are some of the reasons that have forced people to migrate to the West. Those who fail to migrate through legal permission are often the ones suffering abuses and taking risks to travel all the way in search of a better life. It appears as if it is the instability in their homeland, which is responsible for the immigration of all kinds.

In the past, the Trump administration had announced various policies to restrict both the illegal and legal immigration, responsible for overpopulation, while bringing in associated problems. Although some of the policies, seemed quite rough to the migrants, who revolted by crossing into the US, in groups. Since, majority of the migrants seeking asylum travel through Mexico, the Mexican government became the best means to stop the flow of migrants.

On many occasions, Mexico, under pressure of being sanctioned by the US, has cracked down on caravans from Guatemala to reach the US, a move which fueled criticism throughout the country. In a greater scenario, it did serve the US’ purpose of halting the wide scale migration process. Months ago, the US even brought the policy of sending some of the asylum seekers back to Guatemala that threatened the migrants.

Recently, the US said that it was curbing legal immigration from six additional countries saying that they did not meet the security standards, as part of an election-year push to further restrict immigration. Though it’s not a total travel ban, yet the immigrants from Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Eritrea, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania would face new restrictions, from February 21, in obtaining certain visas to the US.

Amid the impeachment calls, Trump plans to continue promoting his administration’s bigger motives of curbing immigration in the country. Immigration has been of the basic agendas, from the time when Trump was a Republican nominee during the 2016 presidential elections. Not only that, the government has even planned to impose visa/travel restrictions on pregnant women visiting the country. The move appears to be an important approach towards cracking the exercise of providing unconditional citizenship to people benefitting from birth tourism.

Under the laws curbing legal immigration, immigrant visas for Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Eritrea and Nigeria were restricted, with explanations that this kind of visa is provided to people seeking to live in the country permanently and is thereby difficult to remove such people. Additionally, the diversity visas of Sudan and Tanzania were also suspended. Meanwhile, the non-migrant visas remained unaffected as they were given to people for a temporary stay. They include visas for tourists, those doing business or people seeking medical treatment.

Today, the Trump administration’s travel ban, which the Supreme Court upheld as lawful in 2018, with the motive of protecting the Americans and their rights, is a great deal. The opponents have argued that the government largely seeks to target countries with majority of Muslims such as Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen.

Out of the six nations, where in the government sought to curb legal immigration, Sudan and Kyrgyzstan are Majority-Muslim countries. Nigeria is about evenly split between Christians and Muslims but has the world’s fifth-largest population of Muslims. Though the announcement was expected much sooner, but the working on revising the criteria on the basis of minimum standards for identification and information-sharing, while checking whether the countries properly tracked terrorism or public safety risks, delayed the process.

As the government consequently fails in achieving its motive, it appears as if imposing the travel ban is the only way out of the crisis.


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