Lindsey Graham Shows Real Side of How Bills are Controlled in Senate

Lindsey Graham

Things seem to be arduous for the White House administration, especially in the wake of the ongoing impeachment inquiry. The recent statement from South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham that he was asked to block the bill that officially recognized the Armenian genocide has made the situation worse.

On Sunday, Sen. Graham said that he blocked the resolution that officially recognized the Armenian genocide on the request of the White House Officials, so that the bilateral meet between President Donald Trump and the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not impacted.

Graham said that the White House officials asked him to “please object” to the resolution that is being passed in the Senate. Justifying his response and responding to the labels of “spineless” and “despicable”, he said, “I said sure. The only reason I did it is because [Erdoğan] was still in town … That would’ve been poor timing. I’m trying to salvage the relationship if possible.”

He even claimed that he was not comfortable in being the only holdout to officially recognize the Armenian genocide. Explaining the reason, Lindsey Graham said that Sen. Bob Menendez worked “on this for years, but I did think with the president of Turkey in town that was probably more than the market would bear”.

It is not for the first time that the Trump administration has intervened to change the fate of a resolution or a bill. And, it seems that it won’t be the last time either, majorly because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell does not seem to be on a different track then Lindsey Graham.

McConnell has failed to introduce critical bills in the Senate, including H.R. 1 – For The People Act; H.R. 8 – Bipartisan Background Checks Act; H.R. 7 – Paycheck Fairness Act; H.R. 1585 – VAWA Reauthorization Act; H.R. 9 – Climate Action Now Act; H.R. 5 – Equality Act; H.R. 6 – Dream and Promise Act and H.R. 582 – Raise the Wage Act, despite the bills being approved by the House from the past three to eight months.

McConnell claimed that he won’t introduce ‘For the People Act’, an election reform bill on the Senate floor. While all the above-mentioned bills are currently “placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders”, the H.R. 5 – Equality Act was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary in May with no new update since then.

The statement from Lindsey Graham raises several questions on the control that the GOP and administrative officials at the White House have over approval of bills and also on providing unbiased support to the bills.

With this, many other questions also arise like is the Senate working to approve the laws that would improve the conditions of people in terms of economy, security, lifestyle and medical conditions? Or the Senate is working to have better diplomatic relations, irrespective of the effect it would have on people?


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