Man Sues Homeland Security over Visa Denial to Ailing Chinese Fiancée

    Christopher Carson and Fiona Yang

    A man from New Berlin has filed a lawsuit against the US Homeland Security department over denial of visa to his Chinese fiancée. Christopher Carson and his fiancée, Fiona Yang have been struggling for weeks now, to get a K-1 Fiancé Visa.

    Christopher Carson is a veteran criminal defence attorney residing in New Berlin, Wisconsin. He met Fiona on the Internet and fell in love with the Chinese citizen. Carson says that the two have ‘same values and approach towards life’ besides deep attraction for each other. He further argues that the United States cannot be policing his choice of a future spouse.

    Fiona Yang’s visa application was first approved in June with “no derogatory information”, which was good news for the couple. Later in July, as part of the next step to attain the K-1 Visa, Fiona visited a Consular officer in China. The officer interviewed Yang and declined her visa application, stating that she failed to display a “bona fide relationship”.

    According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, a couple is required to marry each other ‘within 90 days of the immigrant fiancé’s entry into the US’ to obtain a K-1 visa. However, it is not just marital bliss that the couple was seeking while applying for a fiancé visa, but also medical treatment for Yang.

    Carson claims that Fiona seeks a tumor treatment for which the two had managed to get an appointment at the Medical College of Wisconsin. According to Carson, Fiona’s health is ‘on the line’ and requires immediate attention.

    Fiona Yang is not just a Chinese lady who wishes to marry a criminal defense attorney and get medical treatment in his country. In fact, Yang works for the Justice Department to which Carson says, “Let’s keep out people who’re possibly terrorists, criminals. Fine, that’s not us,”.

    Meanwhile, the US Homeland Security chief, Kirstjen Nielsen, recently warned Central American migrants not to enter the United States through borders as they will not be “allowed”. He further said, “My general message to this caravan is: Do not come. You will not be allowed in. There is a right way to emigrate to the United States and this is not it.”

    The statement coincidentally came at the time a US citizen’s Chinese fiancée was denied K-1 Visa, despite following legal procedures. The two incidents raised questions over the right way to emigrate to the United States.

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