Mexican Army Deploys Additional Troops to Halt Illegal Immigration to US

Mexican Army

Giving heed to the disadvantages of the US tariffs that were to be imposed on Mexico due to the rising illegal immigrations to the US through the US-Mexico border, the Mexican Army deployed around 15,000 soldiers and National Guard in the north of the country on Monday.

The head of the Mexican Army took the step in the wake of the rising tariff threats on its exports from the US, which would have destabilized the economies once again. By reaching an agreement with the US on June 7 to reduce the flow of migrants within a period of 45 days, Mexico saved its markets from heavy downfall.

The Mexican Army and the security forces, who in the past have never tried to stop the flow of illegal immigration across the border, have now made the toughening of the border security their foremost priority. Despite their actions, the photos depicting the militarized police catching the Central Americans and the Cuban women around the border have invited criticisms from various officials.

The containment operations taken by the Mexican army required huge backup of migration officials, as large numbers of people along with their families try to cross the border on a daily basis. The migrant list included not only the Mexicans, but also migrants from the nearby territories including Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

As the reports suggested, around 14,000 units covered the northern Mexico, while 15,000 units were placed between the National Guard and the Army.

The head of the Mexican Army Luis Cresencio Sandoval believed that the handling of the immigration issue would have become a difficult task if the entire responsibility was placed over the National Institute of Migration. Therefore, with the deployment of more troops, they aim to provide full support to halt the immigration practices, which has now become a strategy to be pursued on both the borders.

Besides the tariff threats from the US, the Mexican law enforcement has also been struggling to curb crime-related violence in the country. The handling of the immigrants from the Central American nations that have the highest crime levels has brought major concerns amongst the government officials. Thereby, the country’s President has planned to use the Mexican army, along with the militarized police, and forces from marines to combat the violence acts.

Though the US officials have praised the deployment of the soldiers from the Mexican Army to halt the illegal immigration, some of the Mexican nationals were saddened over the entire issue. They said that the Mexican migration authorities were affected by such hindrances, further claiming that the security forces were being misused for the migration purposes.


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