Mexican Government Looks up to US Administration to Tackle Immigration Issues

Immigration Issues

To tackle the immigration issues, President Donald Trump is willing to go to any length for a solution. In order to fulfill his 2016 election campaign’s promise of ending illegal immigration, he is constantly working on policies that ironically have worsened the situation.  

Trump along with his administration, including son-in-law Jared Kushner, has tried several policies like Kushner’s plan of retaining highly-skilled migrants. However, these policies have always backfired, leading to wastage of time and tax-payers’ money.

While trying to end the immigration issues through the Mexican Border, Trump recently announced to impose tariff on all the Mexican goods sent to the US, starting June 10. The announcement came with one condition that unless Mexico completely curbs the situation, there will be an increase in the tariffs by 5 percent every month till it reaches 25 percent.

Mexican President Andres Lopez Obrador agreed to work together to find a resolution to this issue saying that the last thing he needs is confrontation or a trade war.

Due to continuous increase in the number of illegal immigrants in the last couple of months and with the upcoming elections, there has been a need to fix the immigration issues more than ever. Since Trump believes that Mexican government can easily tackle the situation but is not interested in doing so, therefore he is now forcing the hands of the Mexican government.

The approach of the Mexican government to re-negotiate the issue was met with harsh criticism. While the Mexico government is willing to work with the Trump administration to figure out the best possible method, they are also looking forward for the Trump administration to consider their limitations.

The southern border of Mexico with Guatemala consists of dense jungle and a river, posing great challenge for the Mexican border authorities to limit the entry of migrants and resolving the immigration issues.

The Trump administration is trying to impose tariffs on the exports of almost every country, hence creating a rift between the US and its allies like Mexico, Europe, Japan and Canada. This is leading to the road of trade war with many countries as the rift with China is already widened.

Recently some members of the Trump administration urged the President to impose tariffs on Australia as well.

This move was considered as an answer to the increased demand of the Australian aluminum in the American market. However, some of the top officials at the Defense and the State Department opposed the move as it could have adversely affected the country. 

This move has received massive criticism from the critics and the other politicians even though Trump administration claims it to be a method to strengthen the security of the country.


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