Mexican Town Hit by Quake: Quietly Defying Trump as Welcomes Migrants

mexico earthquake

President Trump has openly condemned migration into the United States of America. But the latest update is that rebellion against trump is extreme. There are  several groups of people who are against his immigration laws. Back in 2017, an impoverished Mexican came to near flattening by a very massive Mexico earthquake, and the people were shaken. However, they still had enough space in their house and hearts to welcome thousands of tired and famished Central Americans who were aboard a U.S bound caravan this week. This was done in defiance of the U.S presidents open condemnation of the group.

Trump on that same day had ordered around about five thousand two hundred (5200) troops to the U.S- Mexico border to block and stop the entering of the migrants. This was done as the residents of the small town who most of their houses were still in rubbles prepared hundreds and more of caravans, alongside soups, medical tents and even diapers for children that were to come. The southern town of Nlitepec had done all this outside any help from the government as the government of the U.S under trump is clearly against their wish to do well in this instance.

The mayor of Nlitepec, Zelfareli Cruz had expressed his grievances of not having a space dignified enough to welcome the visitors after all they had already done. One of the migrants is a fourth four (44) year old man, from Guatemala, he was part of a caravan of several thousand other people from central American and want to go to America. Says he’s happy to be welcomed and to be able to settle in Santiago Nlipitec Mexico. As he spoke with smiles on his lips, other migrants were seen behind him stringing up garbage bags they use to make tents.

According to town officials, from about one thousand seven hundred and twenty (1720) homes in Nlitepec, an approximately one thousand six hundred and two (1602) were, and around five hundred (500) collapsed utterly. Also, even with their best effort to help the afflicted, almost a hundred people are left still without homes. The mayor Cruz said that the town needed help to reconstruct its libraries and the mayor offices, which at the point of the interview were serving as a shelter for the newly accepted immigrants which were mostly women and children.

The mayor also said that the willingness to help the needy is now like second nature to the people, because they know now what it means to suffer. Several families also gathered At the back of the church to cook soups and meals for the immigrants. They also sympathized with the plight that brought them there, such as poverty, hunger and more.

The migrants are happy and say that they feel welcomed, as every part of the broken town struggles and offer what they can to help the people that are just as broken as they. They hope to rebuild their homes someday. And say that what they do is a way to demonstrate that rights are universal.


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