Michael Bloomberg withdraws run for 2020 presidential bid

Michael Bloomberg

The erstwhile New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proclaimed the withdrawal of his candidacy for presidential election 2020. This announcement has shortened the list of prominent candidates who can challenge Donald Trump.

The 77-year-old Bloomberg, said he’s “clear-eyed” about the tough competition he could face to win the Democratic nomination. Instead, he prefers to use the next two years for helping the US in adopting renewable energy resources. The ex-Mayor also plans to address the increasing gun violence in the country.

In an op-ed published by Bloomberg Opinion, Michael Bloomberg said, “While there would be no higher honor than serving as president, my highest obligation as a citizen is to help the country the best way I can, right now.”

Bloomberg was strongly seeking a bid for the Democratic nomination, though, he quit his run in 2016, as an independent.

According to Bloomberg, the nation needs a proficient and prudent chief executive, with business and government experience parallel to his, and who can take big decisions.

The former three-term mayor is quite popular among the Democrats for supporting issues, including gun crimes and mitigating climate change. Michael Bloomberg has also spent over $110 million to fund campaigns for Democrats in the 2018 congressional elections.

In 2016, he finally decided a candidate outside the two leading parties couldn’t win and supported Hillary Clinton. Bloomberg, along with other Democrats, criticized former Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz for giving consideration to an independent bid in 2020. Democrats believed this would divide the vote and probably help in Trump’s re-election.

“It’s essential that we nominate a Democrat who will be in the strongest position to defeat Donald Trump and bring our country back together,” Bloomberg wrote. He added: “We cannot allow the primary process to drag the party to an extreme that would diminish our chances in the general election and translate into ‘Four More Years.’”


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