Migrant Children to be Deprived of Essential Developmental Aid amid Fund Shortage

Migrant Children

Observing an increase in the number of migrant children from the Mexico border has raised several health concerns in the government shelters. In order to address the concerns and prevent the crisis at the border, the Trump administration has brought in new measures.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been instructed to restrict or halt certain practices in migrant shelters, implying financial constraints and directing its funding to essential services.

As per the instructions, HHS is liable to partially cut or discontinue the given benefits of legal aid, English classes, and recreational activities that have been deemed by the administration to be unnecessary for the protection of life and safety of the migrant children. This is because dealing with a huge number of unaccompanied children at the southern border has resulted in lack of funds in the refugee office. Moreover, the number of migrants seems to be increasing day by day.

According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Kevin McAleenan, about 40,000 children entered in their custody in March. There has been a real crisis at the border custody to provide proper facilities to everyone, considering the huge numbers. 

Lack of resources, essential for basic humanitarian needs, has also brought in illness amongst the detained minors. Since December, about five migrant children have died in the border custody, raising serious concerns over the facilities provided in the detaining camps.

As per the current law, the migrant children, who illegally cross the border, were to be detained at the government shelters until further hearings, making them liable for all the facilities that made the existing situations difficult. Thus, the administration’s decision focused on prioritizing safety measures amid fund shortages.

HHS is now looking for a supplemental funding with urgent requirement of $2.88 billion to carry out its refugee operations as an option.

The Trump administration’s announcement also invited criticism from a few Democrats, who claimed that the basic, educational, recreational, and legal services were essential for the migrant children’s growth. They further argued that depriving the children from these services would make them dull and dumb, affecting their mental and physical health.

Throughout, it is largely evident that the greatest challenge for the Trump administration has been to prevent the migrants from entering the US border, which seems unstoppable. Trump’s border wall project that was taken into consideration by a private organization, building a 3/4 mile of new wall at a private property near El Paso, Texas, could not help much in avoiding the migrant crisis.

Thus, with the current decision of getting rid of unimportant practices in the detained shelters, it appears that the government wants to focus entirely on carrying out critical child welfare programs to avoid the emerging border crisis in the wake of financial drawback in the country.


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