Mike Pompeo Cancels Moscow Visit Over Brussels

Mike Pompeo Cancels Moscow Visit Over Brussels

Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State has canceled his trip to Moscow to head to a meeting in Brussels, a state. However, Pompeo will meet the Russian President, Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Sochi on Tuesday.

Pompeo boarded the plan on late hours of Sunday night from Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. According to the official from the State Department, Pompeo will be discussing a variety of critical issues including Iran with the representatives from the UK, Germany and France.

The meeting will take place on Monday. Pompeo will meet the UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, his French and German counterpart and EU’s foreign policy Chief Frederica Mogherini in the meeting, said the Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office in a statement on Sunday.

Earlier Pompeo was supposed to meet with the staff of US embassy and the associates of the business community in Moscow on Monday, before heading to Sochi.

The meeting is held to discuss the response if Iran breaks certain commitments of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. It will be for the first time that Mike Pompeo, will be visiting Russia as the Secretary of the State.

Earlier, National Security Advisor John Bolton deployed US Carrier strike Group and Bomber Task Force in the Middle East. The deployment was carried out as response against the threats to US forces or of its allies in the Middles East region.

In his yet-to-be published interview with one of the media, Pompeo said, “In the event that Iran decided to come after an American interest – whether that be in Iraq or Afghanistan or Yemen or any place in the Middle East – we are prepared to respond in an appropriate way.”

“We’re not going to miscalculate: Our aim is not war, our aim is a change in the behavior of the Iranian leadership,” he added.

While the visit of Mike Pompeo to Brussels will be to discuss issues related with Iran, his visit to Russia will comprise of various multilateral and bilateral concerns related with arms control, Ukraine, Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran. During his visit to Russia, Pompeo will also raise concerns about the detention of two US citizens, Paul Whelan and Michael Calvey.

Pompeo is also said to express the US concern about the involvement of Russia in Venezuela and Syria, violations of Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and Russian interference in 2016 Presidential Elections.

The outcomes of the summit between Mike Pompeo and EU officials on Monday and the summit with the Russian President and Foreign Minister on Tuesday might be something to look forward to. Although every concern might not get resolved, still improvement in the relations from the summit might boost the foreign relations and ease the on-going tensions in the middle-east region and with Russia.

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