Missile Attack Kills 111 Sending Yemen Military from Base to Graveyard

Missile Attack Kills 111 Sending Yemen Military from Base to Graveyard

In a nation that is already suffering from the worst humanitarian crisis, Saturday marked even more problems as a missile attack came on military training camp in Yemen, the death toll from which has now risen to at least 111, the government said.

The missile struck a mosque at the al-Estiqbal camp in Marib, where soldiers had gathered to offer the evening prayers. The government responding to the attacks blamed Houthi rebels for the chaos, but did not offer immediate surety that the militia group has launched the missile.

The attack marked one of the worst bloodiest single attacks since the Yemen war escalated more than five years ago. Yemen has been on the receiving end following the sinful indulgence between Iran backed Houthi rebels and the Saudi-UAE coalition, which is metaphorically fighting to restore the nation’s government.

As a fact, the Saudi-led coalition has been named for spreading majority of carnage in the nation and have reportedly used chemical weapons in the war, engulfing thousands of civilian lives. Today, more than 10,000 people have already died, while more than 11 million are living on the edge of famine, according to the World Food programme. Shockingly, there have also been reports of people eating boiled leaves to fight this never ending torture.

Initially, the reports about the attack on al-Estiqbal camp said that at least 80 people have died. However, the number ramped up quickly by Sunday night and reached to at least 111, Health Ministry Undersecretary Abdul Raqeeb al-Haidari told the news website al-Masdar Online.

The attack was denounced by President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi who billed it as “cowardly and terrorist” act, which he said has confirmed “without doubt that the Houthis have no desire for peace”.

“I have said before that the hard-earned progress that Yemen has made on de-escalation is very fragile. Such actions can derail this progress,” the United Nations special envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths said. “I urge all parties to stop the escalation now and to direct their energy away from the military front and into the politics,” he added.

“Desire for peace” in Yemen war has merely been reduced to a sarcastic phrase because neither has any side, nor any government shown any signs of really helping rectify the situation. As economy falls and inflation soars, the value of human life also keeps worsening in the nation. Seeking help, people in Yemen don’t even have a place to hide because misery raged from air does not differentiate before striking a terrorist or merely another civilian.


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