Senate’s Disapproval on National Emergency is backed by Constitutional Duties

National emergency

President Trump’s desperation for border wall funding pushed him to declare a national emergency last month, after lawmakers failed to appropriate his desired funds for the wall. However, the long struggle of Trump to create pressure for border wall funding took a harsh turn as he lost Senate’s approval on Thursday for ending national emergency.

After exhaustive discussion with the president on reconsidering his decision regarding GOP concerns over an emergency declaration, a bipartisan majority on Thursday voted to terminate the president’s emergency declaration. The final vote resulted into a 59 to 41 majority against the decision. With all Democrats voting against the decision, 12 Republicans too joined the rebuke.

As per the process, the resolution will now be passed on to the President’s desk. If we are to go by the president’s most recent tweet that indicated a “VETO”, there is a high possibility of it turning to a procedural veto of the resolution which can only be over-ridden by two-thirds of the vote in both the chambers.

The voting on the resolution of declaring national emergency clearly indicates the dilemma that has been faced by the Senate GOP members who were forced to choose either their constitutional dignity or their president’s wish. Certainly the choice would have been extremely difficult but was made in favor of the constitutional duties instead of pleasing the president.

However, with this many of the electoral Senate members have created new problems for themselves in the coming elections. A major question that the Senate is to face is the inability to prove a strong support for the president.

Twelve Republicans who took a gorgeous stand of rebuking the president’s decision are Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas, Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, Sen. Patrick J. Toomey of Pennsylvania and Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi.

Despite several Senators still standing in favor of the president’s declaration it will not be plausible for both the houses to cross the threshold given the current situation.


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