National Security Advisor John Bolton Ousted for Conflicting Views

John Bolton

The Republican consultant and former diplomat John Bolton, who served as the third national security advisor to the Trump administration since April 2018, was recently forced out of the government.

Bolton’s strong disagreements with the government in context of Iran, Afghanistan and many other global challenges is considered to be one of the major reasons of his forced departure from the president’s inner circle on Tuesday.

The critics believe that Bolton’s voice of dissent was seen as a disadvantage by the political leaders amid the growing criticisms over the government’s difficult foreign policy. Over time, Bolton supported military action and regime change in Syria, Libya, and Iran, while simultaneously supporting the decision to invade Iraq.

Due to the conflicting views, the tensions between John Bolton and several other officials widened in the recent months. Bolton even criticized the government’s pending talks with North Korea, when President Trump met with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Demilitarized Zone in late June.

Recently, John Bolton also appeared to be a vocal internal critic of potential talks between President Trump and the leaders of Iran and Afghanistan, managing US’ negotiations at the global level. Against the government’s vocal condemnation of Russia’s global aggressions, Bolton took an initiative, persuading the government to keep US forces in Syria to counter the Iranian influence in the region.

The initiative was clearly in contrast to the government’s previous announcement of withdrawing US troops from Syria, which had been effectively reversed.

President Trump through his tweets notified John Bolton’s departure on Monday night, while the latter submitted his resignation on Tuesday morning in less-than-friendly manner. Lately, many of the Republican leaders continuously disagreed with Bolton’s suggestions as a national security adviser.

In his resignation letter John Bolton wrote, “Dear Mr. President, I hereby resign, effective immediately, as assistant to the president for national security affairs. Thank you for having afforded me this opportunity to serve our country.” Later, he signed the letter “Sincerely, John R. Bolton.”

John Bolton’s dismissal as a national security advisor, came as a shock to many leaders. Some believed that the government has lost an astounding person and would now face difficulties in maintaining US’ warmer relations with other nations. While many others favored the government’s decision, stating Bolton as a precipitating factor in supporting war and economic terrorism. Amidst all the hustle, the replacement for Bolton would be announced by next week.


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